Wedding Guests: Eyewear Dos And Don’ts

Wedding Guests Sunglasses Dos Donts

There are a lot of rules surrounding wedding guest etiquette, particularly with the way you dress.

For women, there are even more style rules to bear in mind, as guests mustn’t forget that this big day is a celebration for the bride and groom, and all eyes should be on the bride’s outfit!

So wild fluorescent colours that steal the show, risqué necklines that expose too much flesh, or inappropriate use of glitter and shiny embellishments can often be a bit of a no-no. The biggest faux pas, of course, is turning up in a big white dress – but hopefully everyone got that memo!

But what about accessories? Summer weddings or outdoor weddings call for sunglasses, but how do you choose a frame style that is compatible with formal attire?

Fear not, wedding guests – we’ve got you covered with our easy wedding style rules below. Here are the sunglasses Dos and Don’ts for weddings and formal occasions!


DO: Opt For Black

Wedding Guests Sunglasses Dos Donts 1

When in doubt, choose an all-black frame for simple, sophisticated elegance.

No matter the style, shape or design, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of black sunglasses. They are versatile enough to match any outfit and won’t take attention away from the wedding party.

Try the Ray-Ban RB3539 frames below for the perfect option!

wedding sunglasses black

Ray-Ban RB3539

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DON’T: Wear Crazy Sunglasses

Wedding Guests Sunglasses Dos & Donts 2

This is the time to leave your novelty pair of shades at home! Reserve your wackiest glasses for festivals and fancy dress parties.

It’s time to get serious with your shades when you’re dressing for a wedding, so always try to select a frame that is as understated as possible.

Simple silhouettes and tonal colours are a classy way of accessorising a dress or formal suit.


DO: Colour Co-ordinate

Wedding Guests Sunglasses Dos & Donts 3

Despite black being the ultimate go-to option for weddings and occasions, colour really isn’t your enemy.

As long as it doesn’t clash, offend or draw too much attention, co-ordinating your shades with your dress is a great way to get seamlessly matchy-matchy.

Mirrored or tinted lenses are a fun way of adding just a pop of colour to any outfit, like the gorgeous Dior DIORREFLECTEDP frames below…

wedding sunglasses dos and don'ts


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DON’T: Bring Your Rave Shades

Wedding Guests Sunglasses Dos & Donts 4

Wayfarers aren’t off limits (as long as they aren’t fluorescent or glow in the dark), but it’s important to make a judgement call based on the venue, the required dress code, and your own outfit.

Some weddings may be relaxed and others may be more uptight. So, bright wayfarers that look like they belong in Ibiza may not be appropriate.


DO: Shop Designer

Wedding Guests Sunglasses Dos & Donts 5

Upgrade your wedding guest wardrobe with a pair of high fashion designer sunglasses.

It’s a quick, easy and affordable way of adding an extra something to your look, and it’s a fab idea if you can’t afford to treat yourself to a new frock.

Give the Chloe CE638SL frames a spin for an effortlessly chic addition to any outfit!

sunglasses suitable for weddings

Chloe CE638SL

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DON’T: Get Technical

Sure, you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors for the upcoming summer weddings and need UV protection. But don’t choose your running / cycling / hiking sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun.

Even if you’re a bit on the broke side, invest in a pair of formal looking shades. With stylish sunglasses starting form just £10.00 at Select Specs, you’ve got no excuse!


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