Wooden Glasses: Au Naturel is the Big Eyewear Trend for 2021


One of the biggest trends to look out for this year is wooden eyewear. Whether fully constructed from natural materials, designed with a mix of metals and acetate, completely sustainable or made to a wood effect, this is the genre of prescription glasses that everyone is getting excited about.

Channelling the au naturel look, this trend embraces everything raw, unfinished and organic. The narrative is all about getting back to basics, appreciating simplicity in design, and swapping out colour and bright patterns for undressed materials sourced from the earth. Unprocessed and authentic, this new generation of wooden eyewear celebrates the art of simple living, turning natural styles into something of a fashion movement.

Because wood is durable, it doesn’t have to go through the same amount of processing as other materials, meaning it’s eyewear-ready and usually very eco-friendly. But whether you’re shopping for 100% wood prescription glasses or wood effect specs that look the part, this trend is sure to inspire.

Get the look with some of our favourite wooden eyewear pieces, available to buy online at SelectSpecs. Take a gander below…

Classic full-rim wooden glasses

wooden glasses trend 2021 sustainable eyewear SCR SCR1711

These full-rim SCR SCR1711 glasses for men are made from oak, making them extremely durable. Oak is also one of the most sustainable due to the way these trees are planted, and also the availability of them. The oak tree absorbs carbon dioxide and returns oxygen into the environment, making oak wood an environmentally- friendly material to grow and harvest.

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Metal aviators with wood arms

wooden glasses trend 2021 unisex eyewear Infinity 90802
Infinity 90802

If you love the trendy aviator prescription eyewear look, these stylish Infinity 90802 frames are a must for elevating your wardrobe in 2021. They’re unisex, lightweight, comfy to wear, and are available in a gold or silver finish. The material makeup is metal and wood, giving this unique frame a modern hybrid feel. Seriously chic for both men and women, and a great transitional accessory for day-to-night.

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Round wooden glasses

wooden eyewear bamboo sustainable glasses 2021 Sigma 1207
Sigma 1207

The round glasses look is a great option for square or oval face shapes, but the trend is loved by everyone – including many celebs. This unisex Sigma 1207 frame is made from plastic and acetate but features a striking wood effect finish. Ideal for those who prefer the classic feel of plastic eyewear but want an affordable way to get a piece of this growing fashion trend!

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Black wood effect browline glasses

wood effect glasses eyewear trends 2021 SelectSpecs 70
SelectSpecs 70

There’s something very bold about dark wood treatments, giving you more of an edge than some of the others in this list. These SelectSpecs 70 glasses are inspired by the retro browline glasses worn by men in the 1950s and 60s – but are unisex, making them great for men and women. They feature a wood effect frame upper combined with classic metal rims.

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Rimless glasses with a wood finish

wooden eyewear prescription glasses Infinity 6309
Infinity 6309

Prefer a barely-there look? Our Infinity 6309 frames are rimless, making them super lightweight and easy to style with any outfit. Finished with some gold hardware and wooden arms, these specs are a stylish twist on a traditional design. They don’t steal the show – but they won’t make you a wallflower either! And they’re unisex, so anyone can wear them!

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Sustainable black plywood glasses

wooden glasses trend black plywood eyewear MonkeyGlasses JUNO
MonkeyGlasses JUNO

Targeted at the conscious consumer, MonkeyGlasses is a brand that provides more sustainable choices in the eyewear market. As a company, MonkeyGlasses believes in taking care of the planet and the people involved in making its products. They use biodegradable materialsa and only use manufactures who comply with strict environmental guidelines.

The men’s MonkeyGlasses JUNO glasses are made from 90% cotton fibres, as well as acetate, and the frame is treated to look like black plywood.

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