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Single Vision Lenses

Our lenses come in various brands, materials, indexes and thicknesses, our guide will ensure you know what lenses are right for you, your prescription and the frames you're choosing.

What are Single Vision lenses?

Single vision lenses contain a single prescription over the whole lens area and are suitable for all types of uses including reading, computer work or distance & general day to day use. If you're short sighted (minus SPH values on your prescription) you're likely to require glasses for distance, whereas a long sighted (plus SPH values on your prescription) person would require glasses for reading. Should you need glasses for both reading and distance use, we recommend checking our 'progressives' area for more information.

If you're unsure what lens index you require, our 'Virtual Dispenser' (available after selecting a frame from our collection) will recommend you the most suitable lens based on your prescription.

For a comprehensive lens price list, please see here



1.5 index

Our standard 1.5 index CR39 lenses are plastic and suitable for general purpose. These lenses offer outstanding optical quality and durability.


Prescriptions with sphere values from Plano to +/-3.00


Thin & Light

1.56 index

Thin and Light 1.56 index lenses are up to 15% thinner an lighter compared with our standard 1.5 index lenses, these also include anti-reflective coating, anti-smudge, dust repellent and water repellent treatments as standard.


Prescriptions with sphere values from +/-3.00 to +/-3.75.


Super Thin

1.61 index

Super Thin 1.6 index lenses are up to 20% thinner and lighter in comparison with 1.5 index lenses and are ideal for full rim or semi-rimless frames.


Prescriptions with sphere values around +/-4.00.


Ultra Super Thin

1.67 index

This type of lens is particularly useful for those people with higher prescriptions. These high index lenses are manufactured with an aspheric surface design resulting in a flatter front curvature and a remarkable reduction in center thickness, edge thickness and weight by up to 30% compared to 1.50 index. Perfect for all frame types.


Prescriptions with sphere values around +/-4.25*.


Ultra Super Thin - Double Concave

1.67 index

The concept of double concave lenses is to achieve thinner lenses for high minus powers. Both front and rear surfaces of the lenses are concave and aspheric in design, this gives flatter curves to reduce the edge thickness by approximately 35%


Prescriptions with high minus sphere values above -6.00

Not suitable for frames or sunglasses that have a high base curve.


UltraX Super Thin

1.74 index

Designed for high prescriptions, these lenses are extremely thin and light, delivering tremendous optical quality due to an aspheric design. It’s one of the thinnest and flattest plastic lens available, which are astonishing up to 40% thinner than 1.50


Prescriptions with sphere values above +/-4.25*.

Not recommended for rimless frames.


UltraX Super Thin - Double Aspheric

1.74 index

Double aspheric lenses are a new type of lens designed for high minus prescriptions, where both surfaces of the lens are aspheric in design. This results in both thinner and lighter lenses compared to the 1.74 index. Additionally, double aspheric lenses have an exceptionally large focal area, which results in a higher quality of vision with less distortion at the edge of the lens.


Prescriptions with high minus sphere values above -4.00.


Elite Super Thin

1.76 index

Designed for high prescriptions - these lenses are the thinnest & lightest plastic lenses on the market today! Elite Super Thin lenses are constructed with an aspheric design and include a special Satin multi-layered reflection free hard coating which also includes a super hydrophobic treatment. These 1.76 lenses are very similar to 1.74 index lenses, other than being fractionally thinner, the only difference is the coating - The Satin coating is very similar to the Crizal Alize coating found in Essilor products.


Prescriptions with sphere values above +/-4.25*.

Not recommended for rimless frames.

*With any plus powers above +3.00, we recommend our 1.67, 1.74 or 1.74 lenses because these lenses are Aspheric in design, this means the lenses are made not only thinner but flatter than a standard spherical lens, this reduces magnification of your eyes to anyone who looks at you, and of course the lenses are lighter as a result.


Sport & High Impact Lenses

For those looking for a more robust lens for better eye protection during sporting or leisure activities, we can offer the following products.


Thin & Light - High Impact

1.56 index

Our High Impact 1.56 index lenses offer superior optical clarity, whilst delivering a light weight, impact resistant lens that is comparable to Polycarbonate lenses. They give the highest level of protection for your eyes.


Prescriptions with sphere values up to +/-3.75.
Great for sporting activities.



1.59 index

Polycarbonate 1.59 index lenses are a thin and lightweight material, that is very resistant to impacts. These also block 100% of UV rays. This material is so tough and shatter resistant that it is also used to manufacture airplane windows. Polycarbonate Lenses are ideal for rimless frames or anyone using their glasses for sporting activities.


Great for rimless frames and sporting activities.