2020 Christmas Gift Guide: Designer Sunglasses For Luxury Fans

2020 Christmas Gift Guide Designer Sunglasses for Her Luxury

Accessories are a great addition to any wardrobe, and they can instantly transform, update and elevate outfits. For luxury fans, they’re also a more affordable way to enjoy premium brands. If you’re shopping for a designer fashion fanatic this Christmas, sunglasses could be the perfect gift.

Our 2020 Christmas Gift Guide features a selection of designer sunglasses for her, suitable for every kind of recipient out there. From your super-glam sister to your picky best friend, there’s a luxury pairs of sunglasses for everyone.

The super high-end designer fan

There’s high-end, then there’s super high-end. If the person you’re shopping for carries a Chanel Classic Flap, never travels without her Louis Vuitton leather goods, and rocks those Dior slingbacks at every event, she probably won’t settle for anything less than a leading French fashion house.

SelectSpecs has a range of high-end French labels, including Dior, the house that epitomises Parisian chic. These Dior sunglasses are the ultimate luxury, paying tribute to the popular saddle bag that’s exploded over Instagram lately (if you know, you know). For label lovers, the iconic CD logo is on full display, making these shades a fashion must-have…

Dior DIOROBLIQUE (£225.92):

2020 luxury sunglasses gift guide for her dior dioroblique

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The luxury shoe collecter

SOD (Shoe Obsession Disorder) is a serious problem, one that affects many women across the world. So before you judge, just know that we are not at fault. The clear culprits are Christian Louboutin et al, and it only makes sense to point the finger at the enablers.

If you know someone who would rather grab her Choos than a life jacket from a sinking ship, these sunglasses are for her…


2020 luxury sunglasses gift guide for her jimmy choo eyewear

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The lover of all things bling

If you’re shopping for a magpie this festive season, make sure you check out the collection of Tiffany & Co. eyewear at SelectSpecs. The sunglasses in this range are a nod to the famous Tiffany blue, a timeless colour that represents the most famous jewellery brand in the world.

With a bit of added bling, you’ll be able to satiate their need for shine and sparkle. These frames are adorned with gemstones on both arms and feature the Tiffany & Co logo on the side.

Tiffany & Co. TF4121B (£259.83):

2020 luxury sunglasses gift guide for her tiffany & co
Tiffany & Co. TF4121B

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The privé collection fragrance wearer

Does the person you’re shopping for turn her nose up at regular designer perfumes? Is she a Maison Francis Kurkdjian fan? Does she always smell divine? If she’s the type of person who would rather fork out hundreds of pounds on the Tom Ford Private Collection, she’ll likely appreciate a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses to match.

Tom Ford’s Private Collection is the height of niche and luxury perfumery, and has since elevated his label even more amongst high-end fashion fans. These stylish Tom Ford frames are iconic and instantly recognisable, yet timeless and chic.

Tom Ford FT0666 (£333.75):

2020 luxury sunglasses gift guide for her tom ford
Tom Ford FT0666

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The designer sports girl

Just because she’s got a Louis Vuitton bag and Chanel earrings doesn’t mean she isn’t practical. There are plenty of high-end fashionistas out there who also love comfort, convenience and functional products. These are the people we consider to be hybrids. Basically, she’s a runway goddess who carries a spare pair of flats in case she has to run for the train. Yes, these people do exist.

For people who fall into this category, Ray-Ban should be your go-to brand. Everyone loves them, and they are versatile for any occasion. Even the most glamorous women wear their sweats sometimes, and this is the time they’ll throw on a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to hit the shops or the gym.

Ray-Ban RB3507 CLUBMASTER ALUMINIUM (£147.52):

2020 luxury sunglasses gift guide for her ray-ban

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The anti-wallflower

The life and soul of the party, the one who never follows convention, and the type of person who can’t bear to blend in. This is the anti-wallflower. She spends all her wages on her glamorous wardrobe, and she doesn’t see the need to be low-key about her expensive habit.

As Carrie Bradshaw said in one life-defining episode of Sex and the City, “I like my money where I can see it…..hanging in my wardrobe”. And that’s the motto she lives by.

These sunglasses from Fendi match loud, extrovert and charismatic personalities. They are unapologetically bright, bold and blingy, and are not for the faint-hearted.

Fendi FF 0382/S (£312.54):

2020 luxury sunglasses gift guide for her fendi
Fendi FF 0382/S

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