The Ultimate Sunglasses Gift Guide for Her This Christmas

When it comes to buying sunglasses for someone else, it can be tricky knowing what’s going to suit them. But sunglasses make a fantastic gift at Christmas because they are both fashionable and functional, ticking all the boxes. You can also bestow the gift of luxury (for less), and your pressie is guaranteed to have an impact on Christmas Day when they tear away the wrapping.

Accessories are super versatile too and recipients will get a lot of use out of them. And what better than an accessory that actually protects them from the sun? If you want to get it right with size, shape and style, take a look at our sunglasses shopping guide. Follow these 5 steps to find the perfect sunglasses for her…

1. Face shape and skin tone

Sunglasses Gift Guide for Her face shape guide

The first thing you need to consider when buying sunglasses for someone else is their face shape and skin tone. There are lots of different ways of determining face shape, including mapping out the face from a photo. This is great for keeping your gift a surprise! Once you know the face shape of your recipient, you can start to shop. Refer to our face shape buying guide if you need help choosing the right style of frame.

When it comes to skin tone, think about whether they have cool or warm skin. For cool skin tones, cooler colours tend to work best, while for warm skin, warmer hues are ideal. But this isn’t always the case, so consider the colours they normally wear for a point of reference.

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black. These Givenchy GV 7011/S frames, priced at £210.41, are a great all-rounder…

black sunglasses gift guide for her christmas 2020
Givenchy GV 7011/S

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2. Wardrobe style

Sunglasses Gift Guide: Shopping for Her

The second thing to consider is your gift recipient’s wardrobe style? Do they love classic cuts and timeless garments? Or do they follow every runway trend in Paris and Milan? Do they stick with casual and chic, or go all out with glamorous and blingy? Do they love bright colours and clashing patterns or do they own tops in every shade of nude and beige?

What they currently love to wear can be a great indicator of what style of eyewear you should choose. If you’re looking for something in between classic and on-trend, Ray-Ban is a good staple brand. Right now, the round aviator is all the rage. Yet, it’s still got that classic touch, so will never go out of style.

The Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal 2/2 sunglasses are an ideal pressie for a love one, with 24 colours to choose from at SelectSpecs!

sunglasses gift guide for her christmas 2020 ray-ban
Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal 2/2

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3. Celebrity fashion icons

Christmas 2020 Sunglasses Gift Guide for Her

Does your gift recipient have any celebrity style icons? Is she obsessed with following celeb trends on Instagram? Does she own every copy of Vogue that has been printed since the beginning of time? Who she idolises in terms of her wardrobe can tell you a lot about what accessories she likes.

For instance, if she copies every outfit of Bella Hadid’s, she’ll probably swoon over a pair of super-edgy micro shades. If she follows classic beauties like Meghan Markle, stick with oversized frames that are glam, sophisticated and feminine. If it’s Rihanna’s bold street style she digs, then opt for this season’s hottest visor shades or something that encapsulates sports luxe.

For a runway perfection, turn to everyone’s favourite singer-turned-designer, Victoria Beckham. No-one rocks the square sunglasses trend like VB and these Victoria Beckham VB601S sunglasses make a seriously luxe gift!

sunglasses gift guide for her christmas 2020 victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham VB601S

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4. Lifestyle and functionality

Christmas 2020 gift guide womens Sunglasses sports active running

Of course, you can’t forget to take into account what your loved one gets up to at the weekends. Think about when and where she will wear her sunglasses, then look at the different eyewear functionalities that could make her life easier.

If she’s a sporty person, practical shades are a must. If she’s a champagne brunch kind of girl, prioritise fashion over function. If she travels a lot, it could even be a good idea to choose folding frames that can be stored away easily. For those with an active lifestyle, practical eyewear features really do matter. Brands like Polaroid will be your go-to when it comes to Christmas gifting…

Not only are these Polaroid PLD 6013/S frames sturdy, durable and lightweight to wear, but they come with polarised lenses to reduce glare and improve visual clarity. Perfect for a range of outdoor sports and activities, including hiking, walking and cycling. At the same time, they’re chic and on-trend, making them ideal for the part-time sports girl.

sunglasses gift guide for her christmas 2020 sporty active polarised
Polaroid PLD 6013/S

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5. Branded vs. unbranded

Christmas 2020 gift guide womens Sunglasses luxury labels prada

And finally, the last question you need to ask is whether she’s brand loyal. Does she prefer one fashion house over another? Does she have expensive taste in clothing, shoes and bags? If your loved one refers to her handbags as “investments”, that’s a big clue that she’s a serious luxury fan.

If Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Prada make up her wardrobe, only the best designer sunnies will do this Christmas. And try to pick something versatile so she can style them with her huge collection of bags and shoes.

These Prada PR 53SS sunglasses are some of the most popular on the SelectSpecs website, and are both timeless and on-trend – meaning she’ll get plenty of wear out of them!

Prada PR 53SS

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