4 Easy Ways to Figure Out Your Face Shape for Glasses

how to know face shape for glasses

Shopping for glasses online is super convenient and if you know where to look, you’ll find some amazing offers. Online prescription eyewear shops like SelectSpecs offer competitive prices on designer glasses, as well as a range of extremely affordable frames for all budgets.

Whilst the convenience of online shopping is appealing, getting it right can be tough when it comes to choosing the right frame to suit you. For some, it’s trial and error. For others, it’s settling for the wrong frames. For the lucky few…..well, they just happen to look good in everything, annoyingly.

But for those in the know, it’s all about understanding your face shape and knowing how to work with it. If you don’t know your face shape (or maybe you think you do but you don’t really), here are some super easy ways to figure it out.

See our 4 simple tests to find out your face shape for glasses! Shopping for specs will never be the same again!

1. Trace Your Face in the Mirror

This little genius trick from has got to be the easiest way to determine your face shape. All you need is your good self, a mirror, and a makeup pencil (such as an eye liner or lip liner).

Look directly into the mirror and make sure you’re facing head on to your reflection. Look straight ahead and take note of where your jawline and hairline are. Now use your makeup pencil to draw on the mirror and dot your hairline, temples and jawline area.

You can use the pen to link the dots together or you can watch this video to find out more…

2. Map Out Your Face on a Photo

If you have a photograph of yourself (make sure it’s a clear shot that’s not taken at an angle or not one where your hair is falling over your face), use a pen and do something similar to the first trick on the mirror. Except this time, draw straight onto the photo and dot around your hairline, jawline and temples and then connect the dots so your face shape is visible.

The general rules are:

  • If your shape is as wide as it is long, and the widest part occurs around your temples/cheeks

= your face is round

  • If your shape is narrow with a prominent chin and wide cheeks/forehead

your face is heart shaped

  • If your shape is twice as long as it is wide and slightly more narrow at the jaw/temples

your face is oval shaped

  • If your shape is as wide as it is long, with a broad jawline/forehead

your face is square

3. Take the Sephora Face Shape Quiz!

Makeup gurus at Sephora understand how important face shape can be to cosmetics (and the same goes for glasses!) so they’ve created a really simple video that helps you determine your shape.

Because according to the Sephora team, #shapematters! Watch their fun vid and take the quiz to find out whether you’re a heart, rectangle, round, oval or square.

4. Use Measurements to Find Your Face Shape

If you don’t want to go by visuals to detect your face shape, try this accurate test from

You will need a ruler or tape measure, and you will need to take four different measurements on your face; across the top of your cheekbone (end to end measurement), across your jawline (from your ear to the point of your chin), across your forehead (the widest point of your forehead), and the length of your face (tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin).

From the final measurements, you should be able to determine what face shape you are by watching this video…

Whether you have a heart, square, round, diamond, oval or oblong shaped face we’ve got the guidance on finding the best frames for you!

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