5 On-Trend Women’s Sunglasses for Winter Walks

As the nights draw in and Seasonal Affective Disorder takes its toll on our mental health, getting out and about will be more important than ever. Lockdown or no lockdown, fresh air and vitamin D are absolutely essential to keeping us happy, healthy and sane. But before you head out, don’t forget to keep your eyes protected.

The low winter sun can be extremely harmful to eye health, so wearing sunglasses is a must. If you love winter walks, here are some of the best women’s sunglasses to invest in…

1. Classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

If you’re looking for a pair of versatile shades that can be worn in any season, and styled with any outfit in your wardrobe, add some classic Ray-Ban Clubmasters to your repertoire. These shades are perfect for keeping your peepers protected when the winter sun hangs low, and they’re super comfortable and durable.

They can take you from day to night, work to play, or casual to formal. You’ll get plenty of wear out of these, as they never look out of place and the design is wonderfully timeless.

Casual, chic and unisex, you can’t go wrong with the Ray-Ban RB3016 Outsiders – Clubmaster frames.

best ray-ban sunglasses for winter walks
Ray-Ban RB3016 Outsiders – Clubmaster

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2. Budget LAZER LS007 aviators

For good coverage and easy everyday styling, aviators are the go-to shape in eyewear. This silhouette is a classic, one that never goes out of fashion and always looks great no matter the weather.

Whether you’re in your outdoor gear or your weekend attire, they’ll look the part while keeping your eyes protected from the sun. The simple, chic colours make these frames a good choice for wintertime, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.

These LAZER LS007 sunglasses start at just £20.32 and have excellent customer reviews. Plus, grey lenses are the best option for winter outdoor activities, particularly in intense winter sunlight, as they offer good contrast and colour accuracy for the wearer.

best sunglasses for winter sports winter walks women

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3. Sporty yet chic Bolle Molly shades

These Bolle sunglasses are designed to be functional and stylish, but of course, as expected from any sports eyewear brand, practicality comes first. These shades feature premium a nylon-wrapped frame design to give you full coverage and visual clarity, while the B20.3 lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses will give you excellent comfort and durability. Great for frequent walkers and those who love to stay active through winter.

Designed to give outstanding protection from UV rays, wind and dust, this Bolle Molly frame is ideal for serious hiking or light strolling in the park.

best sunglasses for winter walks hiking bolle eyewear
Bolle Molly

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4. Polarised O’Neill ONS-SHORE sunglasses

Wearing polarised lenses in winter has many benefits. Not only are they more effective against low-level light, which is common during this time of year, but they can protect against glare.

Polarised sunglasses can improve vision by reflective light and glare that comes from water, snow and glass. If you’re heading out in snowy or icy conditions, the O’Neill ONS-SHORE-P are a great investment. They’re also lightweight, comfortable, and totally unisex. And for sports luxe fans or yoga bunnies who wear their lycras with pride, they’re absolutely on-trend.

best polarised sunglasses for winter walks sports women oneill

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5. Super lightweight Bigatmo IONO 0549 frames

Not only are these sunnies super lightweight, giving you that barely-there feeling on your hikes, but they’re photochromatic too. That means the lenses are able to adapt to different light conditions. They turn almost clear when worn in shaded areas, but darken as you head into brightness.

If you’re a keen woodlands walker, you’ll appreciate the clever adaptability of this eyewear. By changing colour to protect your eyes accordingly, these sunglasses minimise eye fatigue and give you brilliant clarity of the landscape. With a minimalist look, they’re also easy to wear with anything in your wardrobe, from your wellies and waterproofs to jeans and a casual t-shirt.

Originally developed for pilots, these frames can be comfortably worn with a headset. So if you’re a solo walker, don’t forget to grab your headphones to wear with the Bigatmo IONO 0549

best photochromatic sunglasses for winter walking hiking womens
Bigatmo IONO 0549

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