Celebrity Eye Colours (and Cool Eyewear to Match)

This week, we’re focusing in on our favourite celebrity eye colours. From the ocean blue hues of the forever-hot Jennifer Aniston (why does she not age?) to the hazel peepers of Khloe Kardashian, we’re getting up close and personal, and zooming in for a detailed look.

Here is a list of some of our favourite celeb eye colours, with cool and colourful eyewear to match. So if you have the same eye colour has these celebrities, you can shop for matching frames that complement your most important feature.

Jennifer Aniston’s Blue Eyes

jennifer anistion eye colour eyewear glasses
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Not only is she Rachel from Friends, with skin that never ages and a body that defies gravity, but Jennifer Aniston seems to have the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. With hues like the Cote d’Azur, eyewear that plays a supporting role is key.

These Francis Gattel FG5331 prescription frames feature similar colours. They’re simple, sleek and flattering, but don’t steal the show (not possible anyway with eyes like Aniston).

Jennifer aniston eye colour and matching eyewear
Francis Gattel FG5331

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Anne Hathaway’s Brown Eyes

anne hathaway eye colour eyewear glasses
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Is there anyone with bigger, more beautiful brown eyes than Anne Hathaway. Often decribed as being “doe-eyed”, Hathaway is a picture of youth and innocence, and she exhibits the purest brown that even Van Morrison would be impressed.

If you’re lucky enough to share the same shade of eye colour as Anne Hathaway, these Dior DIORCD1 glasses are a must for your collection.

anne hathaway eye colour celebrity eye colour matching eyewear

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Megan Fox’s Piercing Blue Eyes

megan fox eye colour eyewear glasses
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Another blue-eyed Hollywood beauty is Megan Fox, known for her piercing blues that almost border on cobalt. If there’s one word that we can think of to describe her gorgeous peepers, it’s “unreal”.

Her ethereal beauty is…..well, sickening in all honesty……and if you look like Megan Fox, we probably don’t want to be friends with you either (just joking). Just make sure you enhance your assets with the bold yet chic Furla VFU192 prescription glasses and give her a run for her money.

megan fox eye colour celeb eye colours matching eyewear
Furla VFU192

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Khloe Kardashian’s Hazel Eyes

khloe kardashian eye colour glasses
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Queen of makeup. Queen of selfies. And queen of Marie-Kondo-style organisation of cookie jars (if you know, you know). Khloe is everyone’s favourite Kardashian, right? She also has the prettiest hazel eyes, with a gorgeous hint of green, which she sometimes like to enhance with coloured lenses. For that reasons, her eye colour has been a popular topic of conversation in celeb land.

Either way, the hazel hues are too gorgeous to handle. And these Tom Ford FT5560-B designer frames are everything you need to make your hazel irises stand out.

khloe kardashian eye colour celebrity eye colour
Tom Ford FT5560-B

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Emma Stone’s Jade Green Eyes

emma stone eye colour green rare eyewear glasses
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If you’ve never looked at actress Emma Stone’s eyes before, be prepared to be blown away. They look like…..well, stones, which is befitting to her name. We’re talking precious gemstones of course, like green sapphire or jade, and this happens to be one of the rarest eye colours in the world.

While a large section of the global population have hazel eyes, with small hints of green, few people have pure green eyes like this. For those rare beauties out there with the same eye colour as Emma Stone, make the Woow BOLLY WOOL 1 spectacles your next purchase.


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