Kylie Jenner Coolest Tik Tok Sunglasses

As far as the Tik Tok mania has started, there could only be a Kylie Jenner mania as well. Yes, because as we all know, the youngest of the Jenner sisters (as well as the youngest billionaire of our time, just a small detail) is the undisputed queen of social media in terms of glamour and style. After having conquered Instagram with more than 200 million followers, now it’s Tik Tok’s turn with a dashing number of 20 million followers… and it is already a record!

Tik Tok is famous for creative videos where music, acting and humor are intertwined to create the coolest videos of the moment.

And since Kylie can be considered the fashion influencer par excellence, we will be more than happy to take inspiration from her Tik Tok’s famous and glamorous videos, where her most favorite accessories are not missing for sure: oversized sunglasses!

The “Always Cool” Sunglasses!

Her fame is also due to her famous friends and parties, frequent exclusive places and “never to be forgotten” love affairs with singers loved by teenagers!

In the Tik Tok video above, we can see Kylie having a really good time with her best-friend Stassie (Anastasia Karanikolaou). The two are literally inseparable…she is Kylie’s go-to travel buddy and the pair have been everywhere together: from Italy to Turks & Caicos, naturally in matching designer outfits and sunglasses!

Kylie’s sunglasses in Tik Tok: Vogue VO4083S

Vogue VO4083S

They love to mix and match their outfits since they were little girls, as Jenner said: “we’ve been twinning since we were in middle school. we used to never leave the house unless we had a matching outfit on ??… so get ready for a lifetime of more twin pics.”

Stassie sunglasses: MICHAEL KORS 0MK5016 KENDALL


We must admit that they undoubtedly have a very cool sense of style, so we just wish them a long life to their friendship, as it will give us more moments of style to take inspiration from!

Kylie’ sunglasses: Moschino MOS011/S

Moschino MOS011/S

Stylish Mom !

For those who follow KUWTK, they know perfectly that mom and manager Kris Jenner could not be missed in one of Kylie’s Tik Tok videos. Glamorous and stylish just as much as Kylie…we can now understand whom she has taken her talent from.

In the Tik Tok video above, both of them are wearing an elegant pair of black cat-eye sunglasses, perfect for making your day a little bit more extra…try it to believe it!

Kris Jenner sunglasses match: Bvlgari BV8218B

Bvlgari BV8218B

Kylie’s sunglasses inspiration: Versace VE3280B

Versace VE3280B

Let us know in the comment section below, which Kylie’s sunglasses do you like the most!

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