Catwomen: The coolest “Cat-Eye” Eyewear you will ever want! (Halloween Edition)

For all the lovers of the Batman series, we all know who the real superstar is: Catwoman. She is a villain, we know that, but the most “purrfect” and lovable villain there is. Because she, like a cat, can mesmerize and hypnotize everyone to the screen with her agility, flexibility, and ninja combat skills.

But what makes her even more unique is her innate sex appeal, slow sinuous movements, and deadly stare!

Different filmmakers have tried to portray her and give us different versions of the same legendary character, which has led in time to create the iconic fashion inspiration for many obsessed fans and for the general public.

So let’s have a look at some “cat-eye eyewear” inspiration from the ultimate “Cat-Eye” trendsetter: Catwoman!

Tim Burton’s Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer, the Catwoman in Tim Burton’s movie: “Batman Returns”, has left an indelible mark on our memory: sexy as the character should be.

But above all, dominator of the male gaze, which remained petrified in front of her and unprepared in front of her… claws.

SelectSpecs 2440

SelectSpecs 2440

A multifaceted and rich of nuances character, perpetually poised between good and evil, between light and darkness. Catwoman embodies the values of independence, freedom, and female power and is the protagonist, over time, of increasingly interesting adventures.

Independence and strength are her best weapons, which she wore with a nonchalant attitude!

Savannah CAT-005

Savannah CAT-005

These are some of the frames, Selectspecs presents like a matching style of her Catwoman look in Tim Burton’s movie-

Savannah 6050

Savannah 6050

Anne Hathway: The Dark Knight (2011)

Anne Hathway in the “Batman: Dark Knight Rises” is a more cold and calculating Catwoman, more outrageous, but nonetheless more transgressive than the other Catwoman.

She still wears only black and leather is her second skin, how not to fall in love with her style and try to copy her look.

Here are some cat-eye frames that will make anyone roar with elegance and beauty!

Matte Black: Savannah 2489 Black

Savannah 2489 Black

Sophisticated Cat-eye: SelectSpecs M7007

SelectSpecs M7007

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Let us know, in the comment section below, which of our cat-eye glasses selection do you like the most!

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