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Maneskin Coolest Sunglasses

This is the golden moment of the Maneskin: after winning at Eurovision 2021, Maneskin are now at the top of the music charts and have conquered the rock world with their last tours!

The musical world is not the only one to be fascinated by this new talented band, in fact, it seems they are going to conquer also the fashion world with their androgynous and decadent style!

Chameleon and extremely eclectic, Maneskin’s members have their own style which, as Damiano David himself has always said, are exclusively made in Maneskin. The group has practically become a style icon and the outfits they offer seem to have been designed by real stylists. Nothing could be more wrong, claims the Italian band, it’s all a matter of imagination, reinterpretation and passion for the stars of Rock music of the ’70s and the more recent Indie influence. The frontman of the young band doesn’t mind wearing glitter, glitter and furs that lately he skilfully alternates with softer, less showy clothes.

Even when partnerships with famous designers like Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana are more frequent now, their personal touch is always visible and this makes their authentic style a strong point in the fame of the band.

lf you want to be inspired by their super eccentric looks, let us show you some of the sunglasses the band is in love with!

It’s really hot..hot!

The Maneskin look is rapidly rising: not only eclectic, irreverent, cheeky, and exaggerated but also more aggressive, the dress code lately leaves room for a more indie tone and rockish accessories.

David Beckham DB 7063/

David Beckham DB 7063/S

In the snap above the band is shooting for the music video “Supermodel” released in May 16 2022. Damiano is wearing a pair of stylish squared sunglasses with an important black frame and brown lenses, absolutely one of the must-haves of this season!


They are chilling and having fun aside from the pool, like a real rock band drinking champagne and posing for the camera..and suddenly is getting really hot!

Victoria: Bolle King Polarized

Bolle King Polarized

Besides their successful career together, all the members of the band have a strong bond of friendship among them, which makes everything work-related even more fun and exciting.

Ethan sunglasses are another must for this summer if you want your edgie side to come to light! Perfect for casual day errands but also for a chic-night event.

Ethan:Sunset 010

Sunset 010

We can clearly see on their Instagram, how much they enjoy doing music together and it is almost always playtime wherever they are! Victoria and Ethan love to make fun of each other and take pictures of their adventures as we can see in the picture above, where they are “showing off” in Las Vegas.

The coolness is over the top…

’70 Glam Rock

It is no coincidence that Gucci has chosen them for their Gucci Aria campaign: the images released via social media are a hymn to free and “joyful” sensuality.

Already in the video of ” I Wanna Be Your Slave”, many Gucci looks were appearing with insistence: lingeries, floral suits, and bodysuits that winked at the BDMS world. Now the Maneskin are officially the face of Gucci: a rather natural choice, considering that the style imprinted by the designer Alessandro Michele on the Italian fashion house and that of the band have several points in common.

Victoria: Gianfranco FERRE GF957

Gianfranco FERRE GF957

First of all, the evolution of the stereotypes of gender: on stage the band members have often performed in skirts and with pearls around the neck.

Accessories, like ’70 rock glam oversized sunglasses and golden earrings or bracelets, are always persistent in all their looks. There is a mix of punk, dandy and bohemian influences that are very notable and the common thread in all their outfits.

We can surely say that after winning the music world there is no doubt that they will also conquer fashion!

Ethan: Paradigm 19-34

Paradigm 19-34

New song  “Supermodel”💣

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Let us know in the comment section below, if you like Maneskin style and which of the glamorous sunglasses you like the most!

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