3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunglasses in Winter


Sunglasses aren’t only for summer and despite feeling your eyes roll at us already we’re going to tell you why.

Many people don’t like wearing sunglasses in the colder months because they may feel stupid doing so, and yeah we agree it may attract some hecklers.  But when you consider these three reasons you might just change your mind:


1.  Health Risks

The risk of UV damage to your eyes remains the same all year round as it does in summer, if not doubling in winter months when it snows as the sun and the snow acts like a mirror reflecting another dose of UV, which may cause blindness.

We don’t mean to scare you of course and we all know the dangers of the sun, so on a less scarier fact wearing sunglasses also protects you from those horrendously windy days, which we’re fortunate enough to receive quite a lot of here in Britain (or rather unfortunate.)

In Love with Fall


In Love with Fall by craftylafty73 featuring Ray-Ban

2. Style

Alright this reason is a little more selfish, but we really see no reason why you should put your sunnies to the back of the wardrobe not to be seen again until next summer. Especially when some sunglasses go so well with autumn and winter trends (proof: look above.)

Several fashion brands haven’t neglected sunglasses either when creating their autumn/winter advertising campaigns (note Prada’s below example, shirt collars in and funky autumn sunglasses on.)


3. Preventing Glare

Imagine this; it’s been raining during the night, but you awake to gorgeous autumnal sunshine.  You get ready for work, sit in your car and start driving – but argh wait – the combination of wet roads and sunshine is really glaring into your eyes and you’re having to drive a bit slower.

Many of us don’t need to imagine this because we’ve already been there!  Sunglasses are for sun not for heat, which means we just as easily face glare from the sun at any point of the year, not just summer.


Have we managed to change your mind?  Your sunnies might not be the first thing you think of when heading out in these cooler months, but it is exactly this time of year the weather can surprise us the most.  Pop them into your bag or pocket and see for yourself.

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