3 Winter Beauty Trends that Look Great with Glasses

The magic of makeup is that it allows you to change your look, highlight your best features and hide your worst ones. It can give you a whole new appearance and persona. And for those who wear glasses, it can stop your eyes from getting lost behind them.

Some say that wearing makeup with glasses can be difficult, but it’s actually quite simple. The key is to enhance your features (especially your eyes) and pick the best frames to suit your chosen style.

While you may have already nailed a signature look that works with your specs, why not shake up your makeup style and try out some new trends for the winter season? If you’re a spectacle wearer, we’ve come up with three winter makeup trends that look amazing with glasses.

Dark and Vampy

Every winter, the vampy look returns. That’s not a bad thing though; it’s a tried and tested favourite of the season that’s ideal for parties and evening events. This sultry look is as much about the lips as it is the eyes; think dark, smokey eye makeup and a bold lip in shades of deep purple or burgundy red. Karima McKimmie shows you how to get this dramatic look in her vampy and festive makeup tutorial below.

Dark and vampy makeup is perfect for glasses wearers because the heavy eyeliner and lashings of mascara really bring out the eyes, which can often be hidden behind lenses. Bold shades of lipstick also help to balance out the face while also giving your makeup a statement look.

When it comes to choosing frames to wear with this glamorous, gothic look, we suggest matching your makeup to your glasses. A bold, dark frame will really complement the look. The Prada PR 03QV glasses have thick, black frames and a cat eye shape that will add an extra touch of glamour.

Prada PR 03QV

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Alternatively, go for a coloured frame to co-ordinate with deep shades of lipstick. The Zenith Zest 75 is finished in vampy purple and black with a classic wayfarer shape that will look amazing with plum lip colours.

Zenith Zest 75

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TIP: When you’re wearing such a heavy makeup look, don’t forget to define your eyebrows to help frame your face and to stop them from getting lost. This is especially important for glasses wearers, as they often draw attention to your brow area.

Retro Red Lips and Cat Eye Flicks

Next up, we have a look that was made for the winter season. Pointed cat eye makeup and red lips are a perfect combo that just ooze festivity, whether you go for a deep crimson or orangey-red shade. This classic style is inspired by retro beauty but still looks amazing today. It’s sophisticated and glamourous at the same time.

Take a look at this tutorial by Maryam Maquillag to get the look. We love the glitter on the inner corner of the eyes which will really make your peepers sparkle and shine.

Spectacle-wearing girls can totally pull off this gorgeous look. Glasses will help to frame those flirty cat eye flicks and bold red lips will make sure you’re ready for a special occasion. To continue the classic, pin up girl look, this makeup is made for cat eye frames. The Ray Ban RX5226 have a feminine, flicked shape that will really enhance your eye makeup and help you to achieve that retro appeal.

Ray Ban RX5226

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For a slightly alternative take on this trend, amp up your red lips with a pair of sexy red specs. The Brendel 902195 feature metal horn-rimmed frames in red that would look perfect with berry red shades of lipstick.

Brendel 902195

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TIP: Long false eyelashes can brush against glasses frames, causing discomfort and smudging your makeup. To avoid this, go for mascara instead and focus on thickening your lashes rather than lengthening them.

Natural Beauty

Don’t worry if heavy makeup isn’t your thing. While our first two looks were bold and dramatic, the autumn/winter 2015 catwalks were full of natural makeup looks. The key to this look is to get a great base and then focus on lighter shades and understated colours for a natural glow. Forget eyeliner and swap lipstick for a light lip gloss. As Alegra Louise shows in her tutorial below, natural, barely there makeup can look fresh and fabulous for winter.

For girls who wear glasses, natural makeup really let’s your eye shine. However, if you love this look, you’ll need to be careful with your glasses choice. Avoid bold, heavy frames which could overwhelm your face and go for a lighter style instead. The Hallmark TR1816 is delicate in style with thin metal frames that will look great with minimal makeup, while the horn-rimmed tortoiseshell frames make sure they’re still on trend.

Hallmark TR1816

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For a light and bright look, go for glasses in a soft shade such as the beautiful Tiffany & Co. TF2099. These pretty frames are finished in pearl ivory and will look perfect with a touch of blusher and a pink lip gloss this season.

Tiffany TF2099

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TIP: When you’re wearing minimal eye makeup, add some subtle highlighting powder to the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear larger and more awake.

Whatever the occasion, you can get a stylish, on trend makeup look that will suit your specs to a tee.

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