6 Modern Steampunk Sunglasses to Wear This Summer


Steampunk is one of the funkiest, coolest style niches of our time. Driven by a fantasy sci-fi culture and a geeky underbelly of Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk nerds, the Steampunk look is something of an acquired taste.

But with the recent resurgence of this 19th-century industrial science fiction movement, there have been many modern eyewear designers and eyewear brands interpreting their own key pieces for prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Classic Steampunk eyewear can be identified by their goggle like lenses, their industrial design, an interesting mix of metal and other durable materials, winged edges and a secure head strap. But steampunk goggles have come a long way since the 1800s. And today, we’ve got so many style options for Steampunk fashion fans.

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Want a contemporary way of incorporating this trend into your everyday look? Here are six Steampunk glasses / Steampunk sunglasses that have been designed with a few Victorian sci-fi inspired elements but also with a cool modern twist! These glasses and sunglasses are not strictly ‘Steampunk’ as such but they are designed to give the Steampunk fashion culture a serious nod.

Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER

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The Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER sunglasses are high-tech, high-fashion shades that are designed to protect your eyes in the harshest conditions. Designed for outdoor use and winter sports, the GLACIER sunglasses feature category 3 UV protection and highly transparent mineral lenses. They also feature leather side wings to shield your eyes at every angle – and the winged leather temples are the finishing touches for that Steampunk look.

Get the Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER sunglasses online now and choose from 7 stylish colours.


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The OX5085 MADMAN glasses by Oakley are a genius hybrid of so many different styles and trends; yet the finished look is so subtle that it barely passes as a Steampunk spectacle frame. The elegant silhouette emulates 1920s eyewear, the metal temple arms are ultra modern, whilst the cool half rim style gives these Oakley prescription glasses a fun Steampunk edge. Renowned for goggle like full lenses, Steampunk glasses are instantly recognisable for their rounded shape – so this is the perfect nod to the world of Cyberpunk without being too over the top.

The OX5085 MADMAN prescription glasses are subtle enough for everyday wear and sophisticated enough for work / formal events.

Tom Ford FT0383

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These cool Tom Ford sunglasses for women are a super cool modern design with a fun Steampunk twist. The application of metal, masculine top bar and rounded lenses look ‘old worldly’ and futuristic at the same time; they’re not strictly Steampunk, we know that, but don’t they have that super cool cyber twist?

If you like Steampunk inspired style but you don’t want to look like you’re attending a fancy dress event, the Tom Ford FT0383 Dieselpunk inspired sunnies are perfect.

Cebe Lhotse

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These are Steampunk through and through! With goggle like lenses, material side wings and industrial looking metal detailing, these stylish sunglasses are an accurate representation of Cyberpunk eyewear as depicted in Victorian times.

But with the all black colourway and the studded side wing design, the Cebe Lhotse glasses have a very cool, contemporary twist.

Emporio Armani EA2017Z

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Get Steampunk style but with an 80s disco edge. These sunglasses have been designed with a serious style twist and feature a bright Cobalt Blue colourway to make your outfit pop.

With a top bar and winged design, these Emporio Armani EA2017Z sunglasses are a summer Steampunk must-have!

Giorgio Armani AR6005BZ

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These winged sunglasses by Giorgio Armani are perfect for spring / summer, festivals, beach holidays, pool parties and more. With the girly, glitzy sequin fabric, you’ll get 360 UV eye protection and the sparkly sides will make you stand out in the crowd. The chic combo of the metal frame, the top bar design and the wings give these glasses a fun Steampunk twist.

Get the Giorgio Armani AR6005BZ sunglasses now, available in 2 colours.

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