Trend Alert: Winged Sunglasses (Sunglasses with Side Shields)

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There’s a new trend that we just have to talk about. You may not have seen it in Vogue. And you probably didn’t even catch it at LFW. This little trend has taken the fashion world by storm but it’s made a strategic attack from below; it’s a fashion underdog.

Having worked its way up from an underground dimension, winged sunglasses are now being noticed by the most prestigious of luxury eyewear brands so for 2016, you’ll see more and more key pieces with fabric or metal side shields.

The shielded sunglasses will offer you a stand-out look at any festival, event, beach bar or pool party and they will also give your eyes advanced UV protection. So for gals who love to spend their summer outdoors (don’t we all?), sunglasses with side shields are an SS16 must-have.

winged sunglasses

It’s a trend that borrows key style elements from other major trends in eyewear; and it lends itself to a little bit of steampunk, a little bit of aviation, a little bit of rock n’ roll, a little bit of vintage, and even a little bit of disco.

Whatever it is that draws you into this immersive style, it won’t be going away any time soon. If you love this look, check out some of our NEW IN top picks, available to buy online now.

Gucci GG 3737/S

sunglasses side shields gucci uk womens

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These winged sunglasses from Gucci are bang on for Ibiza, Croatia, Spring Break, or other hot beach party destinations. Made for the all-day all-night raver / dancer / beach prancer / party girl, these sunnies are about much more than just looking the part (but that, you definitely will); these Gucci sunglasses offer added protection from the sun so you can protect your eyes even in the height of summer.

The gold tone disco vibe just screams ’70s retro’ and the metallic side shield will add a shiny twinkle to your beach or pool party ensemble.

The Gucci GG 3737/S sunglasses are made for the summer party girl and they come in 2 metal finishes.

Porsche Design P8600

sunglasses with side shields porsche

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If you love the side shield sunglasses look but you don’t want something too over the top, these elegant winged sunglasses by Porsche Design are ideal. They are the perfect balance between girly and masculine, sporty and glamorous, practical and stylish, flirty and understated. With 4 cool colours to choose from, you can play around with different looks and find a design to best complement your style personality.

These super cool Porsche Design P8600 sunglasses have tomboyish appeal and they also ooze a lot of retro love!

If you’re looking for summer go-to sunglasses with protective side shields, these make the perfect everyday pair that can be worn for every occasion.

Cebe Lhoste

steampunk sunglasses side shields

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The Lhoste sunglasses from our Cebe eyewear collection are quite an accurate depiction of 1800 steampunk style. The steampunk trend is inspired by 19th Century science fiction and futuristic fantasy – and steampunk fashion culture is a fine example of the human imagination at play. Classic steampunk glasses can be recognised for their goggle like lenses, a leather or fabric sidewing, interesting metalwork and an exaggerated industrial look.

Get the sporty / steampunk look with these fantastic Cebe Lhoste steampunk sunglasses, which feature an integrated fabric shield and bridge cover. Perfect for all your summer adventures outdoors.

Giorgio Armani AR6005BZ

sunglasses with side shields sequin

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Here’s a girly take on steampunk eyewear. These Giorgio Armani aviators come complete with side wings but not just any side wings – these sunglasses shields are made up of sequin so you can add a touch of sparkle to your look for all daytime party occasions.

The aviator shape and top bar retains an element of sportiness and andgrogny whilst the glittery shields add a whole new dimension of fun to the designer frame.

Get your hands on these luxurious Giorgio Armani AR6005BZ sunglasses and choose from 2 on trend colours.

Check out our must-have 60’s pop art sunglasses – from brands like Fendi and Prada – here.

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