6 Top Gun Aviator Frames: Feel The Need For Speed

Throughout the years there have been a variety of iconic shades. Fancy Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or those slick Wayfarers worn in Reservoir Dogs or Tony Montana’s terrific bit of eye candy. The latter were worn by Al Pacino in the 1983 classic Scarface.

But if we are looking at the true champion in the aviator stakes then it has to go to one man – Tom Cruise. Iconic sunglasses do not come much bigger or better than the ones he adored in Top Gun. In fact every gent wanted to land a pair after seeing the film. The pint sized personality of Cruise carried off the aviators with aplomb.

Even Time magazine went so far as to produce a full length spread about the craze. According to the publication, aviator sunglasses sales increased by nearly 50% after Top Gun.

Aviators themselves have a fascinating story to tell half a decade before Top Gun made an appearance. They go as far as 1936 when Ray-Ban first created them as a means to protect pilots whilst up in the air.

Ray-Ban adopted the name thanks to their actual intention and low and behold they were unleashed on the public soon after. So, if you want to be gunning for glory, here is our roundup of 6 Top Gun Aviators that will make you feel the need for speed.


Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ134S

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Let us introduce you to the delightful Calvin Klein CKJ134S. Classic aviators for the true gentleman. Available in four different colours including yellow gold and orange, this pair is waiting to be wrapped round your peepers.

Don’t forget the signature branding which can be found the arms coupled with a very sleek look that’ll give Tom Cruise a run for his money.


Tom Ford FT0465

If you want to really shake things up like a “cocktail” (see what we did there) then have a look at these pair by Tom Ford.

The luxury designer has done it again thanks to this terrific pair that will turn a few heads. Oozing sophistication, the FT0465 are available in shiny black, grey as well as havana.

Take a bow my son, take a bow as the thick yet stylish frames are matched with the signature label on the arms. Looks like the Tom’s have come out on top here.



You will be shouting Goose in no time with these sublime shades from G-Star Raw. We have not plucked this off the set of Lord of the Rings but this Graydor pair is simple but effective.

These particular aviators are understated but make a genuine statement. The slim arms compliment the oversized lenses beautifully. Available in cobalt, brick not to mention butterscotch, you can enjoy a Willy Wonka array of unique shades.


Chopard SCHB35

If you want to say chocs away with your audacious aviators then get a load of this pair from Chopard. The SCHB35 comes complete four spiffing colours including shiny rose gold. The detail of this will instantly give you more glitz than Ed Balls’ shirt on Strictly.

The unisex pair has fantastic detail on the arms, whilst the lenses will give you that Hollywood razzamatazz.


JAGUAR Eyewear 37558

Talk about having the eye of the tiger. Well, you wont need this here but you can enjoy a knockout pair of sunnies with the Jaguar 37558.

Purring with the optimal precision, these shades are available in nylon or nylon polarised. Looking into the mirror will never be the same again when you put this plush pair on.


Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

The mother or should that be daddy of them all. This is the ultimate aviators for those Top Gun addicts. The Ray-Bay 3025 are as close as you are gonna achieve to the Tom Cruise effect. These were the real deal back in 1986 and thirty years on are still going strong.

Considered to be one of the best aviators, their timeless appearance will really help you take off in style. Worn by a host of celebs including F1 driver Jenson Button, it is no wonder this is one of Ray-Bans most popular shades.

When it comes to choice, you shouldn’t be stuck either as these Ray-Bans are available in more than a whopping 50 colours.

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