7 NEW Round Frame Styles to Try in SS17

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Retro eyewear has been all the rage this year. And round sunglasses have been a favourite for so many celebs, bloggers and online style influencers. It’s well on its way to becoming a classic. But in SS17, this summery sunglasses look is taking a turn for the weird, wacky and oh so exciting. What more could they do to jazz up a round lens? Well, plenty.

There seems to be no stopping the designers when it comes to ideas and innovation and we simply can’t wait for the new Spring/Summer season. So let’s fast forward to next year to take a sneak peek at what new round lens styles we should be looking out for…

1) The Cut Offs

Next season’s specs come with sharp ankles and harsh cut-outs. It’s a shape that’s completely unexpected and will certainly have folks doing a double take when you enter the room.

These Miu Miu MU 07QS frames feature an “unfinished” edge along the bottom of the frame front, giving you an on-trend look for SS17.

cut off round glasses miu miu

Miu Miu MU 07QS

2) The Glittery Ones

Some people are just born to stand out. If being a wallflower isn’t your thing, then it’s time to get glittered up! These Dolce & Gabbana DG6105 sunglasses are set to be serious show-stoppers next year and we’ve got them in stock now with 8 cool colours to choose from…

round sunglasses glitter ss17

Dolce & Gabbana DG6105

3) The Cool Cat Eye

Round retro and 60s cateye are getting hitched in 2017 and they’re making some babies that are the perfect mix of the two styles combined.

Look out for sunglasses that incorporate an uninterrupted round lens with a cateye style frame front, like these Marc Jacobs MARC 16/S glasses, available now in black or silver.

round cat eye sunglasses

Marc Jacobs MARC 16/S

4) The Octagon

Is it a circle? Is it an octagon? We’re not sure which category this style of frame falls under but we do know that geo shapes will be a huge hit next summer.

Prepare for the new season and get the look with these gorgeous Fendi FF 0152/S, designed to wow!

Octagon sunglasses ss17

Fendi FF 0152/S

5) The Deconstructed

If you haven’t seen these shades yet, where have you been? They seem to be popping up everywhere and we love how inventive they are. Taking on the “deconstructed” look, this trend puts metal framework in the most unexpected places. Super arty and perfect for stand-out style.

Embrace this cool trend with these NEW IN Giorgio Armani AR6043 sunglasses and choose from 3 chic colourways.

Giorgio Armani AR6043

6) Round Shades with Side Shields

Inspired by Steampunk eyewear and the whole Steampunk sci-fi culture, this trend takes a classic round lens and adds a fun edge with some side shields. Not only does this make your frames look uber-cool, but the winged design will also offer 360 protection from the sun.

Get the look with the JIMMY CHOO ANDIE/S sunglasses, online now at SelectSpecs.


7) The Wooden Ones

The whole eco eyewear trend has been slowly making its way into the sunglasses world in past seasons. But for SS17, as backed by Prada, we think anything wooden effect, bamboo finished or eco designed will really capture people’s imaginations.

And here’s the perfect example… the Prada PR 27RS wooden frames, made from a precious wood for that extra touch of luxury.

wooden sunglasses ss17

Prada PR 27RS

 For more designer styles take a look at Marc Jacobs’ 80’s glam inspired shades.

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