Movember: The Hipster Glasses to Go with Your Moustache

movember glasses

Movember. The time when hipsters come out to play and non-hipsters get to keep up with their spectacle-wearing, moustache-combing, beard-loving friends and colleagues with some hair growth (hopefully) of their own! But more importantly, it’s all for a very good cause.

The Movember Foundation is the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health, and this includes everything from prostate cancer and testicular cancer to mental health and suicide prevention.

Last year, we shared a post on the different ways you could grow your mo, and in 2016 we’ve got some brand new spec styles to help you nail the hipster look. In the name of Movember, here are 3 of our favourite hipster glasses for moustache-growing men!

Ray-Ban Retro Glasses


We’re going to kick off with some absolute classics. If you’re a serious hipster then you’ll know that the retro way is the right way.

These 1950s inspired frames are sturdy, stylish and extremely easy to style with any shape moustache. Choose from 8 different colours with the Ray-Ban RX6317.

hipster glasses movember ray ban

Ray-Ban RX6317.

Classic Nerd Glasses


Nerd chic or geek chic specs work every single time. They go with anything and everything, and look especially good with huge beards.

These Savannah 2444 Black prescription glasses are a bargain too (at just £11.00) and are available with clear lenses, so they’re ideal for Movember-only attire!

best glasses for movember

Savannah 2444

Vintage Look Specs


For the ultimate hipster look (complete with bow tie and suspenders of course), vintage inspired specs such as these Dior Homme DIOR0203 glasses are perfect.

These designer frames are lightweight and super versatile for day to night wear, and are just as great for a night out as they are for the office.

best hipster glasses for movember

Dior Homme DIOR0203

Wayfarer Frames

best glasses for movember

Another great frame for the modern day hipster is the classic wayfarer, another trend that was started by the famous Ray Ban.

For a more affordable option, go for these Savannah 8121 glasses, which cost just £11.00 and come with FREE single vision lenses + coatings.

best glasses for movember hipster

Savannah 8121

 Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at the 5 hottest sunglasses trends for men this year.

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