7 Red Prescription Glasses for Valentine’s Day!

red prescription glasses

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!  Red is the colour of love and is also the colour that’ll be plastered all over the shops and restaurants in the coming weeks.

Red is also a very wearable colour for eyewear and we thought we’d join in with all the Valentine’s commotion and compile a list of delectable red frames that could be worn out on your Valentine’s date.  Whether that be in a swanky restaurant, or at home gobbling down some chocolates (even if it’s by yourself).

Infinity A6673

Red Prescription Glasses

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Red doesn’t always have to be garish when it comes to glasses, in fact some of the darker reds are the most popular and most wearable.

The Infinity A6673 glasses are a perfect example that’ll suit the cupid season, but will last all year round too.

Hallmark 6080

Red prescription glasses

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The above featured image is a pair for the most daring – a fire engine red with a shape that’ll suit both females and males, polished off with print frames.

The Hallmark 6080 might not be for everyone but they’re a siren for any red lovers out there.

Savannah 2439


Sometimes a splash of red is all that’s needed to be enough – the Savannah 2439 with a red frame has black arms to break things up a bit and arguably makes red more wearable.

Originally designed for ladies, our fashion ambassador Matthew Lightfoot (above) soon proved this wrong by working into his everyday and work attire.

Tiffany & Co. TF2081

Tiffany & Co. TF2081 Prescription Glasses

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Having showcased only our budget frames thus far, there’s more than handful of designer glasses that make perfect use of the colour red by shaping it into some beautiful eyewear frames.

Take the Tiffany & Co.’s TF2081 for example, a brand which markets itself very successively on their classic ‘egg blue’ colour stands away from the rest of their collection in a stylish cyclamen red.  The Tiffany lock heart and other branding still brings it back to being traditional Tiffany though, making it all the more irresistible.

Dolce & Gabbana DG3202 Almond Flowers

Dolce & Gabbana Rose Flower glasses

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Flowers on Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to mean buying roses.  Don’t miss this piece of floral art glasses from Dolce & Gabbana DG3202 bringing you roses in glasses form!

The beautiful red roses print adds further texture than a block red, but also keeps things stylish with transparent detail.

Lacoste L2741

Lacoste prescription glasses

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Red designer ladies aren’t just for the ladies as Lacoste proves with their L2741 model.

Undeniably masculine with their bold square shape but sleek outline, it comes complete with the unmistakable Lacoste croc too.

Ray-Ban RX7054

Ray-Ban RX7054 rubber red prescription glasses

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Even Ray-Ban dips into it’s red palette in providing different colour options for their eyewear.  Another exclusive frame for the guys is this RX7054 that keeps things stripped back but  provides quality comfort with a rubberised frame.

We could go on all day in the name of love recommending the most gorgeous red frames from both our budget and designer ranges. We’ll leave it there for now, but if you have any other suggestions or own any of the above send us a #SelectSpecsSelfie of you in your red specs!