7 Sunglasses for Glastonbury 2016 (Practical AND Stylish)

sunglasses for glastonbury

Glastonbury is just around the corner and if you haven’t shopped your festival sunglasses yet, now is the time. And if there’s anything you need to know before packing your bags for Glasto, it’s that practical fashion is key.

It’s not just about how you look, but how comfy you are too. So we’ve pulled together 7 of our must-have Glastonbury sunglasses that consider everything from fashion trends and style to all the practical elements you will appreciate when you’re dancing away in a muddy field or sitting out in the hot baking sun watching your favourite act.

Here are 7 of our recommended festival sunglasses for Glastonbury 2016:

1) Photochromatic Aviators

ray ban photochromatic aviators

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Now these aren’t just any Ray-Ban’s. Oh no. Not all aviators were made equal and these were definitely made with some special powers. Not only do these Ray Ban shades offer a classic pilot style design which will suit men or women with any face shape, but these shades feature specialised lenses which change darkness / lightness according to the sun.

Photochromatic lenses react to the level of UV intensity – so these super handy Ray-Ban RB3025JM Photochromatic Aviator sunglasses will adjust to the perfect shade whether you’re inside a tent, sitting under a tree, walking around in the bright afternoon sun, or raving in the rain.

2) Side Shield Sunglasses

best festival sunglasses

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Sunglasses with side shields are a must if you’re exposed to sunlight all day. These unisex Cebe sunglasses come with a stylish and removable suede side wing and bridge protector, making them ideal for anything from beach festivals to safari holidays to camping in the UK – and we think they’re perfect for Glasto too!

The removable side shield feature means that they are suitable for every kind of weather condition and they will give maximum UV protection at all angles. Shop the Cebe Lhoste sunglasses now and choose from 3 stylish colours.

3) Folding Wayfarers

folding sunglasses festivals

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These Ray-Ban Wayfarers are an ergonomic dream. The classic wayfarer shape is so popular for festival season and it’ll be no different for Glastonbury this year. Get your hands on these unique Ray-Ban’s and you won’t even have to think about bringing a sunglasses case if you don’t have the room in your bag.

The Ray-Ban RB4105 Outsiders Folding Wayfarers will fold right down the middle so that you can slip them into your pocket when you don’t need them anymore! How handy is that?

4) Polarized Sunglasses

cheap polarised sunglasses women men

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We love these Univo shades because they are totally retro. The retro aviator design is so on trend (in fact, we recently wrote about how hot they are!) and the lightweight plastic design makes them super comfy to wear all day long. But what makes them even better is their special polarized lenses to keep glare out!

Polarized lenses are made with a special chemical film which helps to reduce the amount of glare that enters into your line of vision – this usually happens when sunlight bounces off large surfaces and can cause you to squint or can impair your vision. At just £16.50 and available in 2 unisex colours, the Univo SP156 Polarized sunglasses really are a festival-worthy must have.

5) Mirrored & Polarized Sunglasses

mirrored polarised sunglasses cheap uk

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Not only are these Savannah unisex sunglasses mirrored to look super cool (and improve your vision) but they’re also polarized too so they can reduce glare for the wearer. Perfect if the sun comes out and you can’t see what’s happening on stage!

The mirrored + polarized combo = the best visual clarity which is something every Glasto goer should consider! But the best thing about these shades is the price, at just £39.50, the Savannah P2249 Havana Unisex Mirrored / Polarized sunglasses are a high-tech bargain you won’t want to miss!

6) Clip On Sunglasses

clip on sunglasses prescription glasses uk

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Clip on sunglasses are ideal for prescription glasses wearers. If you can’t see without your specs and you don’t want to mess around with contact lenses at Glastonbury (who does?), this unisex Infinity prescription frame complete with 2 different clip on sunglasses lenses could be your answer to everything eyewear!

It’s super convenient and gives you the versatility of a) standard prescription specs, b) prescription specs with a grey/green lens (suitable for most lighting conditions), or c) prescription specs with a yellow lens (best in foggy and low light conditions). Get the Infinity L8106 Sunglasses (With 2 Sun Clip-on lenses) and choose from 2 classic designs.

7) Three Point Fit Sunglasses

comfort sunglasses oakley

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If you’ve been to Glastonbury or any other big festival before, you may know the feeling of wearing the same shades over and over again for days on end. If they’re not the perfect fit, they can end up causing pain and discomfort – especially if they’re not big enough for your head size!

Oakley sunglasses offer maximum flexibility and a Three-Point-Fit system that allows for all day long comfort so these Oakley OO2043 FROGSKIN LX shades are a festival must-have for sure!

Want celebrity inspiration?  Check out the sunglasses style we saw this year at Coachella here.

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