A Day In The Life Of A Specs Wearer

You may not automatically think that wearing glasses changes your life that drastically, but take a moment to walk a mile in the shoes of specs wearer, and see how much you really know (or relate to!).

Read on for the daily struggles that all glasses wearers face, and how best to overcome them!

Morning Mooch

Let me paint you a picture – you wake up in the morning, you open your eyes to a brand new day and you slowly reach over to your bedside table and fumble around for your glasses or your contacts.

After good bit of flailing, you’re in luck – they are where you left them after all. You pop them on and your world is transformed into a crisp and colourful morning!

You get up and head into the bathroom to perform your morning ablutions. But then, before long, the dreaded dilemma -how do you apply your eye-makeup? Do you apply it without glasses, and therefore, without being able to see your face? Or do you opt for the sometimes messier let’s-work-around-my-specs option?

Let us know which you choose in the comments!

Here’s a pair of specs so breathtaking, you won’t even need to put on your makeup!

Throw on these Rag&Bone RNB3005 beauties, and you’ll be looking cuter than the pooch (seen above), or maybe just AS cute.

Rag&Bone RNB3005

Outdoor Outfits

So you make it out of the house, you look decent, and now it’s time to make your commute to work.

The number one pet peeve of a glasses wearer on a commute is your glasses fogging up with the changes of temperature, from the train, station or walking down the street.

Luckily, there are anti-fog sprays available to buy, or you can just rub a bit of shaving cream into your specs and buff out.

Here’s a great pair of glasses with just enough character, the Kate Spade CHERETTEs. They promise a comfortable wear too!

Professional Peepers

Now you get into the office, your specs are fog-free, and you’re sitting down to work.

However, just as you’re heading off to a meeting, the dreaded glasses-wearer nightmare keeps happening – your glasses keep sliding down your nose every time you look down.

It may be that your glasses are not calibrated to fit your face properly and you need to have them tightened, but if all is well on that front, try adding a couple of doubled-up hair ties to the arms to give you some grip behind your ears.

Take them off and give them a wipe every once in a while too, and get a pair that will really make you the talk of the office (in a good way), like these sleek yet unique DAVIDOFF Eyewear 92038 specs.

All Play, All Day

You leave work, and you have an event after.

Whether just a casual gathering of friends, a work do, or a full blown party, your glasses may not go with your evening outfit, or just may not be dressy enough.

No need to fear with these exquisite Oliver Peoples OV5373U OP-L 30TH masterpieces. With a subtle geometric shape, they will go with everything!

Chill Zone Optics

You’re home now, and it’s time to sit back and relax with a good book or show, or maybe just to do your nails.

However, after a long day, your glasses are feeling a bit heavy on your face. They may be feeling a tad bit snug on your head too, and you may find yourself needing to take them off and rub the bridge of your nose.

Try a comfortable pair like this PULL&BEAR PBG1767 number, and don’t skimp on style points either.


Bedtime Baby Blues

Choose a pair of specs that’ll stand out on your bedside table tomorrow morning, like the shiny Lapö LAMA057 specs, and you’re all set for some shut-eye (and to do it all again tomorrow!).

Lapö LAMA057
 Want to apply some scientific methods to how you choose your specs? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

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