Armani 2018 Futuristic Sunglasses!

Armani sunglasses 2018

Armani 2018 collection for men and women, is a total dip diving into artistic fashion and modern trends.

A rich and borderless collection made up of echoes, signs and memories that blend together and refer to a lively and pulsating harmony.

Armani’s 2018 catwalk is confirmed as a spokesperson for the linear elegance that has always distinguished the maison, while accepting traces of other cultures and distant worlds.

In fact this futuristic collection is designed for the artistic visionairs and cosmopolitan men and women who are gravitating toward a more creative and modern future.

Let’s have a look together to be inspired by the genius of Armani!

Ocean Blue 9287
Pink sunglasses trend 2018

Ocean Blue 9287

Armani 2018/19  Women’s  Fashion Show


Rarefied and dreamlike elegance made of beauty and kindness understood as sweetness, without renouncing the determination and strength typical of the female character. G.Armani has very clear ideas on how an alluring  woman should be.

He was known as the designer of  American  executive women in the 1980s.

Harnessing  the power of the greige pantsuit, with the idea that this  uniform would make feel women more in tune with their equality progress, and in the same time more chic than ever!

Many designers, inspired by his ideal women  are looking back to the classics of ’80s power-woman style this season.

In fact also the accessories, shown in the runway are characterized by strong geometric designs and metallic frames, giving  the most decisive look to the overall outfit with a strong masculine edge.

#totallook DW011


black squared sunglasses trend 2019

#totallook DW011



Futuristic Frames

Armani Sunglasses futuristic frames 2018


The most innovative accessory of this fabulous collection, is the eye-cacthing modern “Artiste” sunglasses.

Their design, also  embrace the values of the Armani woman thanks to their clean, delicate lines. The round metal frames and straight top bar create an unexpected yet fashionable style.

In addition to that, the contrast between the straight bar and the oval metallic frame, make these sunglasses a real futuristic accessory which will soon become the new vogue of the season.

If you want to copy the most  up  to minute trend, try these Carrera CARRERA 167/S  refined sunglasses.

They will channel your inner creative spirit for sure!


Futuristic oval sunglasses 2018 trend

Carrera CARRERA 167/S





Armani sunglasses 2018-runway


Armani 2018/19  Men’s Fashion Show

Also the men’s 2018 fashion show present the same sophisticated and clean lines as we have seen before.

The Armani man, has a strong predilection for urban and elegant items and accessories, leaning to a modern dandy style.

Intellectual and military, the show was named  the “dandy-military” collection.

Armani sampling the style and elegance of officers and outdoor adventurers of yore, often transforming the attitude of a jacket with  some  extra few buttons.

Henko POAS078


Men oval sunglasses 2018 trend

Henko POAS078




The accessories followed this style line, with sunglasses designs based on geometric frames and navy colours.  To get the coolest look, why not try and copy his amazing new elegant collection.

William Morris Black Label BL40004

modern oval glasses trend 2019

William Morris Black Label BL40004



Let us know in the comment section below, which of the new Armani collection sunglasses you like the most, and also what you think of the new designed geometric sunglasses!

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