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Black Sunglasses

Everyday is a battle and a new challenge for fashion lovers as the perfect look must be composed of trending accessories. The contrast between colours is essential, and this year brought to the stage an interesting mix of black and grey.

These two seem to be the new Batman and Robin in terms of eyewear.

While the visual effect of black generates a degree of classic, but immortal elegance, adding grey to the party makes the final product look sharp and modern.

It is trending to wear them and today we offer you some of the best black & grey eyewear choices.


Style Guru

Expand the playing field with #OakleyTwoFace XL.

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Every coin has two sides, and these shades are highly fashionable because of the black and grey coloring.

Both ”faces” of the Oakley OO9350 TWOFACE XL are stylish, and this amazing product fits medium to large face shapes.

The polished frames and the trademark Prism lenses designed by Oakley will be your newest guilty pleasure as you can’t take your eyes off these beauties.

OO9350 is not only a gold mine of coolness, but it offers you the pleasure to get a 2017 casual sports look.

Oakley OO9350 TWOFACE XL



Kick this week up a notch.

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This unisex black and grey pair of sunglasses will never disappoint as you will rock the world of fashion.

The horn-rimmed design is the equivalent of ultimate fashion arrogance, and with grey temples, it won’t matter if your sunglasses are dark-colored as you’ll keep everyone in the shadows.

Polaroid is famous for its polarized lenses and the Polaroid PLD 1027/S will protect your eyes and vision while giving the owner a special aura.

I am pretty sure you wonder if it can get any better?

Well, you can get them for a bargain at £42.34.

Polaroid PLD 1027/S



Hackett is a British ambassador of elegance and with these sunglasses, you can feel like the perfect gentleman everywhere you go.

Hackett London Bespoke HSB838 brings together gradient black and grey frames as you will fall in love with the slimmed design.

Don’t overthink as you benefit from shady oval lenses.

Dark-colored sunglasses are timeless when it comes to style and the HSB838 are the best weapon in the war of looks.

There’s no sunshine in paradise if you don’t want to try these trending statement sunglasses.

It’s easy to wear and easy to impress!

Hackett London Bespoke HSB838


Italian Brilliance

The futures looking G👓D. #emporioarmanisunglasses #manfashion

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If your style standards are high and you actually want some Italian sunglasses, you know the options are unlimited.

But, we chose a new addition to our website: the Emporio Armani EA4097 will conquer new territories.

While the matte black frames will bring you close to current fashion trends, the polar grey mirror silver lenses are your guarantee to get an Oscar for your look.

And you know the Wayfarer design is stunning, but just think about the polarized lenses.

It is a definite rule: polarized and stylish sunglasses will always steal the show.

Emporio Armani EA4097


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