The Weeknd: Fashion & Style

Making one of the most impressive debuts in music, The Weeknd has a unique look combined with a futuristic singing style.

A mix between the calm voice of Michael Jackson and the sensuality of Prince, the Weeknd is indeed one of the main musical stars of recent years.

Proclaimed by GQ as the King of Sex Pop, the Canadian singer songwriter has become a target for photographers and fashion critics because of his individual and personal style.

Ladies and gents, we present to you the epitome of atypical: The Weeknd.

Trademark Jackets

Legend ⚡️ #theweeknd

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This is what we call a fashion statement.

The Weeknd’s style is identical with the jackets that he wears.

It can be bomber jackets or jean jackets, but they always need to have pockets.

Oversized and regular fit or even slim fit, his options in terms of jackets are diverse and stylish.

You can copy his style with a bomber jacket from Top Shop, but beware – he’s got a $3700 Louis Vuitton jean jacket in his wardrobe.

The Weeknd will be headlining the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas! #iHeartFestival

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Ambassador of Hair

@puma #TheWeeknd

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Apart from his jackets, you cannot look at him without noticing his funky haircut.

Through his signature dreadlocks or long hair, he actually paid a tribute to the aesthetics of Afro-American haircuts.

There’s no better way to identify an artist, and the Weeknd knew that he had to shine through his personal touch on fashion.

Casual Maniac

All my friends are dead 💀

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Well, we can highlight this without hesitance.

The Weeknd loves casual style.

It can be one of his trademark jackets combined with jeans and sneakers or just a t-shirt and hat combined with tailored trousers.

He adores street style and we can only say it fits him very well.

Puma’s hoodies are just one bit of his guilty pleasures as the singer makes you think of basketball or living in the Bronx.

His style seems to be 100% authentic when it comes to going off-duty.

Ain't no crying in the club

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Black & White Elegance

Forbes #TheWeeknd

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We know it sounds odd, but he can actually rule the world with a formal outfit.

In an interview in Forbes magazine, we could have seen what we can only observe at gala events.

The Weeknd is addicted to black trousers, waistcoats, and blazers while white shirts are mandatory for an elegant look.

Because of his dominant posture, the two-piece suit will fit him nicely as we can admire this accurate look in the picture below.

The bow-tie completes a superb fashion outcome as The Weeknd turns out to be a modern all-rounder.

Happy birthday to this queen 👑🌹 | #TheWeeknd #SelenaGomez

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Vintage Shades

Lust for Life video out tomorrow.

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It seems that this artist comes from different times, but he actually adapts his style to modern trends.

These vintage oval lenses are another reason to keep an eye on this wonderful fashion icon.

You can steal his look with the Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metalwhich is a masterpiece for every fashion lover.

Because of the subtle metal frames and the shady lenses, this product can win a Grammy at a ceremony which gathers the most stylish and trendy sunglasses.

And this 100% black outfit is a perfect fit for the RB3447.


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