Brad Pitt’s Style Evolution

A style evolution is the pure transformation of one’s style. This change happens because of life experiences, changes in fashion tastes and maturing.

While young, we tend to wear crazy and colorful clothes and accessories.

But, heading into the 40 to 50 age range will transform a wardrobe completely.

There will be a dominance of darker colors with elegant and serious pieces of clothing.

Our case study is Brad Pitt: an actor who evolved from all perspectives.

No longer seen as the young kid with blond hair from Meet Joe Black, but now, as the ultimate gentleman.




Brad Pitt has never been a shy presence at a gala as he always impressed with tuxedos, elegant ties, or just outrageously stylish outfits.

If in the past he preferred the classic look, as years passed by, Brad made some serious style changes.

He now adjusts his look with a sense of maturity as he looks spot-on with a short beard and top button undone.

Although the actor is still a big fan of bow + black ties, his formal style is defined by diversity.

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Modern Casual


Brad Pitt is now 53, but you can never guess his age as there’s no difference between a 30-year-old’s fashion taste and his style.

Maybe only differentiable by the white beard.

Brad loves leather jackets and slim-fit T-shirts.

For autumn & winter he steals all eyes even in long sleeve tops.

With a fascination for regular fit jeans and boots, he completes his off-duty artillery in the wars of style.

Modernity is identical with Brad as the actor will never say no to a hoodie and a white t-shirt as the best partners for a casual walk.

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Large Frames


When he was just a rising star in Hollywood, Brad Pitt used to wear oval lenses and slimmed frames as we can see in the picture above.

A young and cool look for a teenager, no doubt about that.

Now, it’s all about magnificent designer brands as his Tom Ford glasses are a guilty pleasure to fight for.

You can copy his style with the Tom Ford FT5304 as the oversized rectangular lenses and the black frames represent a fashion trademark for this brand.

The dominance of large frames is a feature which is identical with Tom Ford and Brad knows this is a huge and stylish boost.

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Smokey Shades


In the early 2000s, Brad Pitt was a big fan of smokey shades, opting for semi-rimless or full-rimless rectangular lenses.

Every detail about his style was trending at that moment, but times change and Mr. Pitt evolved as well.

With an addiction for the ”short back and sides” haircut, he loves the perfect choice: Aviators.

If you want to be as cool as the American actor, go for Vuarnet VL1611.

With perfect edges of the lenses, metal bridge, and temples, these Aviators are the extravagant sunglasses that you need.

If you want extra coolness, go for gold frames and buy them now without a second thought.

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