Styling Bohemian Fashion in 2017

One of my favourite summer trends over the recent years has been the bohemian look. With floaty fabrics and floral designs, it’s perfect for holidays and days spent at the beach. Often associated with an unconventional lifestyle, the look is popular for festivals and music concerts – Coachella being the most notorious.

Loose flowing hair, colourful, natural fabrics and large hats were worn in the 1830s, where French artists embraced alternative clothing styles.

But perhaps most famous for ‘hippie’ designs were the 1960s, where outlandish prints met maxi dresses and circular sunglasses.

Bringing things back to 2017, the bright colours have since simplified to neutral, earthy shades which look chic and sophisticated.

Here are some styles to think about if you want to achieve this look.

1. Bell Sleeves

Get into the festival spirit with floaty sleeves. They’d balance well with an A-line skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

If it’s not quite as sunny as summer should be, you could drape a denim or brown leather jacket over your shoulders – keeping those sleeves in view of course.

2. Skirt

Pair your top with a long skirt, leaving it untucked to create layers. You could experiment with different patterns and colours, but simple monochromatic shades can work just as well.

This skirt by Monsoon has a tie at the waist, helping to cinch in the fabric around your natural figure.

3. Head Scarf

Any scarf will do. Below, White Stuff styles their scarf into an up do, keeping the hair long.

Movement is an important feature, not just in the floaty fabrics, but with how they fit together.

For example, on the right, the ends of the scarf trail past her hair, bringing your attention down to the centre of her outfit.

Oh snap! Looks like something new's on it's way… #ss17

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If, like me, you wear glasses, try out circular frames to match the ‘soft’ look a headscarf gives – anything too angular may distract attention away from the rest of your outfit.

These Ray-Bans, for example, have light, thin frames – so they won’t look too heavy on your face.

4. Tassels

Tassels are a unique feature and are often seen on beachwear items, helping to add a pop of colour to an accessory or garment.

They’re great for adding movement to your outfit, especially when worn loosely as shown in the snap below.

5. Shoes

For the bohemian style, flats are the way to go. But why skip out on the florals?

These embroidered sandals would help complete the look – the ties around the ankle draw attention to the shoe – a modern take on the Grecian style.

6. Accessories

Unlock your inner tropic babe with these beaded beauties 🌴☀️ #Accessorize #tropical #beaded #earrings

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If you wanted to, you could brighten things up with a pair of hooped earrings like these.

This would be ideal for festivals where colour is key. Try matching them up with a bag or a pair of sunglasses to create a ‘flow’ to your look.

7. Chokers

Or, if you wish to keep things neutral, add a dab of glitter.

These sparkly chokers from Accessorize are beautiful – the floral design fits well with the bohemian scene yet wouldn’t distract away from the rest of your outfit.

Taking this look on holiday? Take a look at D&G’s top sunglasses this year.

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