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Brand Feature: monkeyglasses

With a demand for eco-fashion increasing every year, eyewear brand monkeyglasses has flourished in both the Danish and international market for their sustainable products. But it has not always been easy to be a pioneer within the combination of sustainability and eyewear.

In 2016, the hard work paid off, when monkeyglasses was recognised with the silver A’ Design Award, one of the world’s largest and most influential design awards, presented each year in Italy. But, the Silver A’ Design Award is not the only recognition received for being a sustainable brand.

On the 8th of February 2017, monkeyglasses was chosen to represent a sustainable lifestyle at the Sustainia Living event at the Royal Danish Opera house in Copenhagen. This was an evening meant to inspire and lead the way on how to be sustainable, and be a part of the solution, rather than the problem, when it comes to building a better future for our planet, our children and the generations to come.

Copenhagen Fashion Week ’17

The Danish government are pushing for sustainable choices and solutions, and during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017, monkeyglasses were, among celebrities and other sustainable fashion brands, a part of a political gimmick, were the message to the people was, to look for sustainable solutions when they buy their everyday products (seen in the video below).

Look good while doing good

A pioneer when it comes to green solutions, and currently, consumers are looking for sustainable choices. Brand founders Mai-Britt and Morten Seaton wrote a business plan with a unique vision to make eyewear that was fashionable, affordable and sustainable at the same time. They started looking for manufacturers and suppliers that could comply with following the guidelines in the UN Global Compact on corporate social responsibility, and they began studying the materials.

The result? A sustainable solution, where most of the eyewear is made from biodegradable raw materials like acetate, which consists of more than 95% cotton, and a concept that combines respect for the people involved in making the glasses, as well as taking care of the environment and our planet.

Another important issue for founders Mai-Britt and Morten was “Save the Orangutan.” A project that works to save and protect the thousands of wild orangutans that are victims of the destruction of their rainforest home. By supporting this project, there would be a benefit for someone that needed the support, if all went well for monkeyglasses.

Nordic Sky

Nordic Sky is inspired by the very special nordic sky, which light creates ever-changing grey and bluish hues, that amazes when it meets the warm glow of the sun.

Sustainable Leather

Sustainable leather is made for the stylish and luxurious consumers, and the leather that is being used has many certifications including Der Blaue Engel and Full Cycle Leather, that means having full control of each production step.

The team believes that sustainability should be for anyone, no matter the age or size. And what better way to build a better future for our children, than teaching them how to make the right choices?

Article by Julie Laj Jense

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