Style Profile: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been having a long time fling with sunglasses. Suiting every type of frame; her collection includes aviators, cat-eye, circular, and oversized lenses. And who can blame her? Experimenting with a range of designs allows you to be creative with your outfits. So here are our favourite range of Anne’s assortment of sunnies.



Originally known as ‘pilot glasses,’ aviators were designed and developed by a company called Bausch & Lomb in the 1930s for – you guessed it – pilots.

A modern twist on old flight goggles, these frames have since boomed in fashion. They’re distinguished by their light, thin frames and double bridge.

Anne Hathaway’s sunglasses have been brought into modern times with their tortoiseshell exterior and oversized lenses, perfect for when the sun starts to peep through the last of those clouds.

Currently, aviators come in many style variations. You’ve got your classic tear-shape like Hathaway’s, or square-shape ‘navigators’, wider ‘sporty’ lenses or plastic sunnies. Each are contoured differently, so there’s plenty of choice.

Anne’s frames have an urban vibe to them as oversized glasses often do. Typically, the urban style involves an element of denim, perhaps paired with an oversized shirt and flat pumps. Aviators always pair well with a plain top, tucked into a denim skirt with a throw-on, chunky-knit cardigan.

If you want to try this out for yourself, start with a pair of these ‘American Freshman’ sunnies:



You don’t need a beehive to pull off a cat-eye! Popular in the 1950s and 60s, these glasses were worn by fashionable women and sported by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. The noticeable ‘upsweep’ at the corners create an angular frame and open up the eyes.

Now worn more subtly, the cat-eye is still popular and are great for those with a rounder face shape.

Anne’s mirrored lenses stay in-tune with what’s new in the fashion world; look out for them this season – high-street brands such as Topshop are already getting them in stock in time for summer.

This updated version of cat-eye glasses are perfect for when you want to try out the ‘street-style’ look. Popular with this category, these sunnies can really pull an outfit together. Sticking to monochrome colours, I’d pair them with dark jeans, a striped tee and a grey trench coat. Try out these mirrored cat-eye frames for yourself:

A Pop of Colour


According to Ellie Pithers, the fashion features editor for British Vogue, “Glasses, like a slick of lipstick or an excellent pair of earrings, help to make a look your own.”

And how true this is – trying different colours is the best way to find out what suits your skin tone and what makes you, you. In fact, glasses like Anne’s here are a fab tool for switching up an outfit. Her plastic, orange frames pair well with her lighter hair colour and are the centrepiece of her look.

With brighter coloured glasses, I’d keep the rest of the outfit fairly simplistic; you don’t want to distract from them. With these Savannah frames below, I’d choose capri-length trousers and loafers to keep a modern look, paired with a long sleeved blouse and blazer if you want to smarten things up.

Purples, pinks and whites go well with light yellow, so I’d incorporate these colours into the outfit, too – perhaps with a bag or a hat like Anne’s.

 Circular Frames


Seemingly never going out of fashion, rounded frames are ideal for those with a more angular face shape. Anne Hathaway’s pair look chic and glamorous with their white rims and thick arms. A stylish take on the popular classic gives a retro feel, taking us back to the 50s.

White frames like these means you have more freedom with different patterns and colours for the rest of your outfit. Sticking to the retro theme, pair the lenses with a collared blouse tucked into a skater skirt or high-waisted shorts, white pumps and denim jacket.

Polka dots, if you’re a fan, would enhance the vintage style and these frames would go great with brightly coloured lipstick. Experiment with different shades to find one that best suits you. To make a start, take a look at these Vera Wang sunglasses:

Where’s the sun?

Having a variety of styles means you could test out different outfits this summer. Whether you suit everything, like Anne seems to do, or like sticking to what you know, there’s always going to be a frame for you out there.

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