Brows on Fleek: How to Get the Perfect Eyebrows for Glasses

how to groom your brows for glasses

Brows are everything when it comes to slayin’ it in specs. And as famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown says, “Eyeglass frames draw attention to the brows, so be sure to keep your arches well groomed. Pluck or trim any scraggly hairs, and fill in holes or sparse spots with a brow pencil or powder shadow.”

So here are 5 great tips to help you get the perfect eyebrows for your glasses.

1. Keep them Groomed

Well groomed brows are really important for glasses wearers. Stylish frames can highlight your eyes so keeping your eye area nice and tidy is key. And that means those stray hairs need to go!

Plucking regularly is a great way of keeping your brows tame or like Youtuber Mirella, try using eyebrow waxing strips for a clean finish.

2. Find the Perfect Eyebrow Arch

Framing your face properly before you shop for glasses will help you select the right styles for your face shape. But poorly plucked brows can seriously mess up that system. So first things first, let’s get that arch sorted and correctly proportioned so that you enhance your glasses shopping experience.

Finding the ideal arch for your face shape is easy too and you can even do it at home. Just follow this super easy tutorial and make sure you complement your new eyebrows with some stylish frames from our Bobbi Brown collection, designed by the makeup artist herself to help create a flattering look.

These Bobbi Brown Tara glasses are hugely popular and work well with most face shapes. Available in 4 fab colours!

bobbi brown framing glasses

Bobbi Brown THE TARA

3. Fill in Your Brows

eyebrows for glasses

For glasses that sit below your brow line, it’s important to make sure that brows look well-maintained and never sparse or patchy. The specs will draw a lot of attention to your eyebrows so make sure you have a powder or gel based brow kit handy in your makeup bag.

If you’re a fan of HD brows, go for bold frames to match like these super affordable Savannah 2444 prescription glasses.

black glasses women

Savannah 2444

4. Sharpen and Highlight

eyebrow makeup tips for glasses

To make your eyebrows look neater after filling in with powder or pencil, use a light concealer to highlight below the brow line. This will help you create a clean look and make your brows appear sharper.

Prescription glasses for Hyperopia or farsightedness can often amplify the visual elements of your eye area (especially if it’s a strong prescription) so keeping your brows nice and tidy is very important.

5. Brush and Set with a Brow Gel

Brushing your brows is key if you want your makeup to look on fleek with specs. Once you’ve got those frames on, it’ll be all eyes on your brow line, so make sure you keep them groomed.

Brushing them with a spoolie will help to keep mischievous hairs heading in the right direction and the hottest beauty trend of the moment is to have brows brushed upwards. Use gel to set and don’t forget to condition every night to keep them in good condition.

For specs that really show off your brushed brows, go for narrow frames like these Tiffany & Co. TF2035 frames, available in 2 colours.

narrow frames glasses brows

Tiffany & Co. TF2035

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