How to Make Eyes Look Bigger or Smaller for Glasses with Lisa Eldridge

make eyes bigger smaller for glasses

Makeup artists get asked about this a lot. And famous MUA to the stars, Lisa Eldridge, has answered all of our questions in one of her videos where she discusses how to achieve the best makeup look for specs.

The key thing she focuses on is the big difference between glasses for shortsightedness and glasses for longsightedness. Because of how the different lenses for Myopia and Hyperopia are made, they can either make our eyes appear totally magnified or seriously reduced – so our eye makeup needs to adjust to these effects.

Watch the full video or continue reading for quick tips on how to make your eyes look bigger or smaller, depending on what glasses you’re wearing…

Below, we’ve taken some key takeaways to help you with your makeup routine. And to steal Lisa’s style, here are two stylish frames that look just like hers in the video.

The MENRAD 11026 prescription frames:

MENRAD 11026

The Hallmark E9857 cat eye glasses, available in 4 colours:

Hallmark E9857

Make Eyes Bigger, Tip#1

make eyes bigger for glasses makeup

Glasses for Myopia have concave lenses, so they will make your eyes appear smaller. To reverse the visual effects of this, it’s important to stay away from dark shadows when doing your makeup. This means that often a smokey eye look is off the cards! (Sorry!)

Choose a neutral coloured eye shadow such as cream, ivory or nude to cover your socket area as this will help to create more light. For extra eye enlarging power, go for a sparkly or shimmery powder which will give you more light reflection…

Make Eyes Bigger, Tip#2

make eyes bigger for glasses makeup

Use a soft eyeliner to finish off your eye shadow. Choosing a brown shade rather than black will define but it won’t close up your peepers and blending well prevent lines from appearing too harsh!

Make Eyes Bigger, Tip#3

make eyes bigger for glasses makeup

And finally, to really give your eyes that final boost of openness, use a white pencil on your lashline – go as close as it is comfortable. This will really help to make your eyes appear larger.

Finish off with a coat of mascara (don’t let it go clumpy, less is more) and if your lashes lack a good natural curl, use eyelash curlers to really lift your eye area.

Make Eyes Smaller, Tip#1

make eyes smaller for glasses

The first tip for longsighted glasses wearers is to conceal and make sure that your makeup is well blended. Lenses designed for correcting Hyperopia are convex so they will magnify your eyes and make them look bigger.

They will also magnify dark circles and blemishes, or even patchy makeup. So use a brush or fingers to pat out any excess foundation or concealer.

Make Eyes Smaller, Tip#2

make eyes smaller for glasses

The second thing you want to do with your eye makeup is to use eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes. Dark eyeliner placed close to your lashline not only defines but it can create more of a ‘closed eye’ look, which will stop your eyes appearing too large behind your lenses.

Just remember, for Hyperopia your specs will magnify everything so take Lisa’s lead and use a brush to blend after applying the pencil.

Make Eyes Smaller, Tip#3

make eyes smaller for glasses

Lastly, you want to make sure you line the bottom lash as well as the top. This will help to close your eyes in when they are magnified under your lenses. Blend well and finish off with a coat of mascara for a finished look.

Dark shadows or a smokey eye will help to make eyes appear more defined, so there are plenty of great options for evening makeup.

 Now you’ve mastered the eyes, on to the brows! Check out how to get the perfect brows for glasses!

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