Calvin Klein Eyewear 2017: A Sophisticated Collection

The world of fashion is not a land of gossip, but one of class and style. There is no room for error, flamboyance is mandatory, accurate is just a common word and second place doesn’t exist.

In a famous fashion statement, the American designer Calvin Klein stated that

People who run a ready-to-wear company are businessmen rather than production or design people

And as we already know, this is not a simple brand, but one for the complex minds, for the ones who adore finer tastes.

The best description is a simple and accurate one we can find on the official website of the brand: Calvin Klein offers modern, sophisticated styles for women and men.

After all, there is no wonder why Margot Robbie or Mark Wahlberg are just two of the stars who adore CK.

So let’s get things going with the sophisticated glasses offered by Calvin Klein to cure your eye sightedness and protect your vision at the same time.

Horn-Rimmed Luxury

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Horn-rimmed brings always the innovation to eyewear. The Calvin Klein collection CK8555 doesn’t make an exception as its rectangular lenses and its modern design generates a sense of freedom and elegance.

Ideal for persons who want THAT extra element in their glasses, the product is perfect for an office-based job but it also provides flexible lenses. Cool or not?

Formal Yet Simple

You can receive an A+ for your suit and your bow tie if you know how to wear them in style.

If you’re a natural-born star, get the best look with the Calvin Klein Platinum CK5940. Its design is simple with slimmed frames that can be easily adapted to progressive or single vision lenses.

This product is the proof that you don’t need to be a millionaire to have the perfect look.

All that’s required is a natural approach to the right choice, as this pair can make you the main event at a gala. It actually brings that 2017 air in the classic frame.


Particularized Design

They are one pair of glasses you can’t take your eyes off from.

As stated before, these are a sophisticated item to buy, and this design doesn’t come second best. With a fresh attitude, the Calvin Klein Collection CK 7390 are metal-designed glasses for the nonconformist who adores the ”out of this world” style.

The website highlights that Calvin Klein’s ‘metallic take on a cat eye frame suits soft features, rounded jaws, and low foreheads.’ 

Make no mistake, ladies! This Cat-Eye Golden medal is a must have.

Joy of Color

This Calvin Klein product represents a show for your eyes. Their protection is guaranteed as lenses are of highest quality, but the design is even better.

With colored arms, there is nothing more spectacular than this clash of colors. Imagine watching two high-rated late night shows at the same time.

Modern and exquisite, this is how we can describe the Calvin Klein Platinum CK5958. Available with Single Vision or Progressive lenses, it is a pair which seems to be born in Milan. Magnifico.

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