Pamela Anderson’s Favorite Sunglasses

Sex-appeal is her second language and we all are well aware. Pamela Anderson is Playboy’s star pupil and was an ambassador of beauty and erotism in the 1990s.

After she got the role in Baywatch, the sky was the limit for Pam, and the blondie became an iconic celebrity with millions of dollars in her account.

The American actress is no stranger to the world of fashion as she has no fear of dressing for the occasion or choosing a particular clutch or pair of stiletto shoes.

After all, Pamela’s name previously aligned with Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood.

Shades are one of her favorite accessories as she always knows how to look cool, sexy or elegant with the right pair on. So, let’s just recap some of her golden choices.

Classic Cat-Eye


What is the best thing to do when visiting the high-class areas of London? Choose the best shades, of course.

Well, there is no room for error, so an elegant pair of Cat-Eye sunglasses will do the job.

With a duo dominance of black and gray, her outfit is perfect for English weather: always undecided between black and white. The shades look great as they generate a sense of elegance and sex-appeal.

Our closest match: CH Carolina Herrera SHE700

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Vintage Cool


As we present the CV of a sunglasses lover, let’s have a look at the 1990s when she stole the show.

Every public appearance represented a proof of how sexy and cool can be mixed together. In this picture, Pamela rocks with a black outfit and round-shaped, full-rimmed sunglasses.

If you want to get a vintage look in 2017 and copy Mrs. Anderson, we found a perfect product for you: the Vogue VO2770S.

With black gray gradient lenses and plastic frames, it is ideal to bring the 90s back and look awesome at the same time.

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Stylish & Young


On July 1st she turns 50. So keeping a young image is a daily task for Pamela and she does it in style.

As we can all agree, the Cat-Eye shades are a must-have item if you look to appear as a young and outrageously cool lady.

The outfit as a whole is perfect for summer and the sunglasses are no exception. As highlighted by farfetch.com, the Vera Wang shades generate a sense of confidently feminine aesthetic.

Without further a due, you can match her look with the exquisite Vera Wang V433:

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Floral Fest


Designed by Dolce & Gabbana as a part of the Floral Lace collection, this item brings luxury, style and coolness to the same table.

Pamela knows how to impress at a gala and her choice is a top class one, as usual. The Dolce & Gabbana DG2160B is an item which can help any fashionista copy her outstanding look.

According to dolcegabbana.com:

Swarovski crystals and rose buds are placed on the large, precious butterfly frame front. The temples are slim and perfectly balanced, featuring the engraved logo.

What else can you use when describing a perfect pair of shades?

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