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Chopard’s Luxury Eyewear Range

The luxury industry is a constellation of stars and the battle of big brands is fabulous. Shopping motivation is derived from certain elements which create the perfect product: design, expensive material, personalized touch and accurate final result.

The website highlights what is required to be a luxury brand:

Luxury brands are regarded as images in the minds of consumers that comprise associations about a high level of price, quality, aesthetics, rarity, extraordinariness and a high degree of non-functional associations.

Switzerland is a luxury leader and their fashion masterpieces are a guarantee for quality as they defy time.

Originally, Chopard has been iconic as a high-class generator of watches and jewelry but let’s check its excellence in sunglasses.

Elite shades

If your goal is to go for #1, then this pair is the definition of expensive taste.

With an exquisite design and rose gold insertions on the sides of frames, this is a genius gift if you’re a gentleman and your other half just turned 30.

The Aviators lenses and the discrete gold metal design transform this product into an epitome of elegance and class. I guess everything in this world has a price, and if this is the cost of high life, the ball is in your court.

Our recommendation: the Chopard SCHB21S:

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Aristocratic Cat-Eye

Fashionistas always love the Cat-Eye look. Especially if it can bring the A game to the stage.

For Chopard, there is no room for error, as the official website of the brand states:

Since the first pocket watch created by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Sonvilier, Chopard has constantly pushed the limits of excellence.

And it seems that the Chopard SCH188R is a trademark for the aristocracy. With shiny and smoky black lenses and a design which create the impression of a gold mine, this is the ideal investment if there is no shopping limit. Go nuts and get them now.

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Elite Aviators

There is a general rule in Sunglasses 101 and that is the fact that Aviators are always cool.

How about adding that unique and bright shining of rare diamonds to the game? These glasses are not for your trip to the Swiss Alps but for that high street walk in Monte Carlo.

Chopard SCHB23S is that pair of Aviators which represents the odd one in the group.

It combines the classic and elegant look of everyday Aviators with the expensive and excellent fashion taste of Chopard.

The result between rose gold frames and blue lenses is a creative product, available for that period of the year when your wallet is a lost cause.

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Shiny Assets

Everything is spot on when it comes to Chopard. Let’s just zoom in at a pair designed for an addicted to nice colors.

The shiny honey and brown gradient pink lenses make Chopard SCH126S a must-have for a fashion lover as it provides a Hollywood star profile for every proud owner.

The insertions which appear on the frames create the impression that pearls are hidden in these sunglasses. ”Steal” them now.

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