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In a world where our resources are becoming more threatened; we are encouraged to think in a more friendly and sustainable way about our environment. Many assume that taking steps towards an eco friendly style of living have to be big, but in reality, even small movements have the potential to benefit the environment. Take your glasses for example. Commonly made entirely from non-recycled plastic, consider how many people wear glasses globally, and the fact that most swap their glasses annually as their prescription changes. You may start to realise the impact of the eyewear industry on the environment.

In the last few years there has been an increase in sustainable and eco-friendly lens manufacturers. Their unusual designs are made of bamboo and sustainable wood (the most popular material). Recycled plastic is also used.

Here are four companies who provide eco-friendly glasses, starting with a collection you can buy from

SOLO Eyewear

This company’s mantra is to improve the lives of people with poor eyesight across the globe who cannot afford either eye tests, necessary eye treatment or glasses.

What’s not to love? If that’s not enough, their glasses are also gorgeous and timelessly fashionable. Made of repurposed Bamboo and recycled plastic, by purchasing these glasses you’re positively contributing to the lives of those in need, helping the environment and looking good whilst doing it.

Waiting for the Sun

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Aside from having the best name of any sunglasses company we have come across, Waiting for the Sun have some of the most beautifully crafted sustainable glasses out there.

Avocado Garden: a website that promotes eco-friendly living, describes them as “friendly frame-makers from Paris [who] specialise in exciting eyewear made entirely out of bamboo and tea wood. Unique, practically penny weight, and fetchingly shaped. Composed of recycled wood waste and wood dust, compressed with bio-acetate based on a 70% cotton rate.”

Arbor Sunglasses

These glasses are completely made from bamboo and are both unique and sustainable. They also come with a stylish bamboo case which, whilst bulky, will protect your glasses through thick & thin. Made from natural materials, no pair looks the same as the grains differ from pair to pair.

We stock a range of Arbor sunglasses at SelectSpecs. The black Arbor FX-72 frames have a cat-eye flick to the edge of the lenses, maintaining a retro feel on point for this Summer’s style.

Dick Moby

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This Amsterdam based company is one of the newest sustainable eyewear companies on the block. It all started with two friends on a surf trip in 2012 being repulsed by the high levels of plastic pollution and deciding to take action.

Two years later they had completed a successful crowdfunding campaign and sourced an Italian company who could manufacture the bio-degradable acetate which all of their glasses are made from.

Since then they have created a number of collections which use 97% recycled plastic, which are beautiful but also come in such a large range of styles and colours. There is something for everyone.

Live a more eco-friendly life by finding out how going vegan can affect your eyesight

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