New Development To Fix Colour Blindness

In the last few weeks video footage showing a young boy from Iowa, USA seeing the world in full colour for the first time thanks to some new glasses he has got from the company Enchroma, has gone viral on the net.

Cayson Irlbeck had been saving up for the glasses which he had spotted a few years back.

However, he was in for the surprise of a lifetime when his Mum and Dad bought him the glasses early and surprised him. The emotional video, below, shows the moment his father puts the glasses on for him and says “open your eyes”.

Cayson looks around, clearly seeing his garden in full colour before turning to his dad in floods of tears. A touching moment when you hear him say “they worked”.

Colour blindness affects men more than it does women, with 1 in 12 men affected compared to 1 in 200 women.

It is a condition whereby the eye cannot differentiate between different colours, usually red and green. Sufferers may only be able to see items in a reduced spectrum of colours.

Contrary to the term, ‘colour blindness,’ they are not actually blind to any colour, but may only see in a limited number of colours or pigments.

Enchroma states on their website:

“We created a (patent pending) method called ‘multinotch’ filtering, cutting out sharp wavelengths of light to enhance specific colours. Enchroma lenses separate the overlapping red and green cones, helping to improve vision for people who have difficulty seeing reds and greens”

The company’s Instagram shows numerous people who have benefitted from their glasses, both adults and children

Glasses for adults start at $349 per pair and for children about $269. The cost covers the glasses on their own without any prescription.

Should you require prescription lenses, the cost does go up, nearly $500 for single vision lenses and $600 for what they call ‘progressive’ lenses.

They’re not cheap – but when you consider the moment that a person is able to see a full spectrum of colour and how much it means to them, then the cost is clearly worth it.

What is needed now is the technology to develop enough so that cheaper options are available for those who cannot afford the high cost of these glasses.

Enchroma states that they can also make lenses to fit your favourite frames, meaning that if you have your eye on a particular pair of sunglasses or already own a beloved pair, you can have them fitted with the Enchroma lenses. This service however is currently only available in the US but will hopefully be available worldwide soon.

Our range of prescription sunglasses give you lots of options, but we particularly recommend the Savannah glasses range which have a chunky frame and could easily be customised with Enchroma lenses in the future. The Savannah 8121 range starts at just £10.00 so they are an affordable and stylish option.

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