Eyewear for the Electric Eccentrics

Fashion is an unspoken language being used by people for the longest time to express, to call for attention or simply to narrate. It has the capacity to being altered according to the preference of the person and to being divided into a plethora of genres to suit the many palates.

Though most people aim to look attractive and presentable in a tasteful manner, there are some who use fashion to stand out in a crowd. The square pegs in the round holes who doesn’t seek to ‘fit in’ according to the standards of the ‘fashionable’. The eccentrics at heart, the free spirits whose fashion is as unique as themselves. They dress up to give us a glimpse into the worlds of their own. Sometimes decked in their glorious quirkiness, other times they use simple ‘mechanisms’ like a pair of glasses to narrate their being.

If you’re an ally of this genre then allow us to take you on a ride to show some of the most unconventional and electric of eyewear.

   Tiny and the Timeless

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Helena Bonham Carter isn’t just the ‘Queen of Hearts’ but also the ‘Queen of Quirk’. Her distinctive quirk adds a timelessness to both the characters she plays by bringing them to life and to her unique fashion sensibilities. The tiny dark sunglasses with a metal frame which she wore in The Sweeney Todd are undeniably one of her best looks. Nevertheless they are a spellbinding pair of sunglasses!

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High On Hexagon

Robert Downey Jr is bold, sophisticated and eccentric, perhaps which is the reason why he gives the ‘real life Tony Stark’ vibes. He is always seen combining classic staples with eccentric statement pieces making his style irresistible. The hexagon shaped glasses he wore above are a brilliant narration of his style – a classic dark coloured frame with six facets.

If you are in search for hexagonal sunglasses then take a look at our totallook DW002

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    Crazy Cateyes

Cara Delevingne is a fashion chameleon. The model is skilled at effortlessly switching her looks dramatically from tomboy to chic in no time! Her unconventional palate is well catered by Fendi in the above image. Adorned in an extraordinary pair of ‘cateye catfish’ sunglasses in black and white tones, she looked glamourous.

Steal her look from Fendi FF 0137/S

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   Fabulously Futuristic

Sir Elton John’s style is as bewitching as his music. His flamboyant style is well coordinated with his signature glasses in all sorts of shapes and bling! The stylish showman chose a pair of embellished futuristic glasses from Gucci for his performance in the Capital One arena. They are a piece of art with his initials ‘EJ’ engraved on them. Well he is ‘The Wizard of Glasses’ after all!

Take a cue from the expert and find a similar style in sunglasses from Moschino MOS004/S

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 The Octagonal Charm

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💘☯💖☮SQUAD ☮💖☯💘

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Vanessa Hudgens has an enviable gypsy-edgy fashion style. She astonished people with her unexpected choice of clothing and accessories. The octagon reflectors is one such accessory. As the name suggests it has eight edges, with the right amount of edge to it. These sunglasses are a perfect choice for the free spirited gypsies who love to experiment.
Find a pair of these octagonal beauties from Fendi FF 0152/S

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Big is Always Better!

Iris Apfel is spring personified! She is fearless and she is colourful. Her eccentric fashion sensibilities are both an extension of her persona and are awe inspiring. Her big bold oversized glasses have become an iconic piece of accessory which represent her and fascinates the world equally along with the fashionista.
Fascinated with her glasses?

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