How to Wear Glasses and do Yoga!

There’s nothing better at the end of a long, hard day at work or home than settling down on to your yoga mat for some quiet relaxation, meditation and stretching. Yoga is not only great physically for your body, but also for wellbeing as it gives you a chance to slow down and remove yourself from technology and the rat race of day to day life.

However, for those of us who are glasses wearers, engaging in yoga can come with its own unique challenges. Glasses can slide down our noses as we work up a sweat or fall off when doing head down poses and generally make us stressed about keeping the glasses on our face at a time when we should be relaxing and zoning out.

So, in an attempt to try and bring back that sense of zen calm during your yoga practice, I have looked into some options that could help you in securing your glasses during your routine.


Lightweight, Thin Frames

One option for you could be to purchase some glasses which you specifially wear for your yoga practice.  I would recommend a lightweight frame that is made of plastic rather than metal so that they are less likely to drop off when you execute head down poses. This doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive option thanks to Select Specs and their brilliant budget ranges. I like the Hallmark H81076 frames because they have very thin frames but they also retain some style so that you can still look lovely whilst you’re working out. These frames are also just £10.00 with free single vision lenses, so they’re a perfect price for occasional use. You can further reduce the weight of your glasses by having your lenses thinned. This is particuarly useful if you have a very strong prescription (me!) and would otherwise need very thick lenses.

Hallmark H81076


Tighter Side Arms

This option can be combined with my first suggestion, which is to purchase a pair of glasses which are specifically for practising yoga. Once you have a pair for this use only, I recommend having the glasses professionally fitted to your face but made slightly tighter than you would usually have them. What this will do is reduce the likelihood that the glasses are going to slide down your face if you sweat during your exercises. Although it’s also important to make sure they’re not too tight, or you could find they give you a headache during your workout. A happy medium should suffice!


Secure with a Strap

One way to ensure that your glasses don’t go anywhere during your yoga practice is to purchase a strap that will go around the back of your neck and will prevent the glasses from falling down your face or off completely. American gymnast Morgan Hurd recently became World Champion in Artistic Gymnastics all whilst wearing specatcles. She uses a strap around the back of her head to ensure her glasses don’t move during exercises, especially as she does flips and tumbles which require her to be upside down a number of times in quick succession. By purchasing a strap, you can still wear your day to day glasses, but can customise them so they don’t interfere with your yoga practice.


Use Contact Lenses

A more radical option is to try switching to contact lenses during yoga. There are a number of options on the Select Specs website for contact lenses and our daily lenses start from just £8.00! I recommend the 1 Day Acuvue Moist lenses by Johnson & Johnson as they are a good option in terms of price as well as reliability. With a good daily contact lens, you don’t have to limit wearing the contacts just to the hour or two that you’re practicing yoga – you can wear them all day, making it even more convenient to fit a yoga exercise into your busy day.

1 Day Acuvue Contact Lenses


Change up Your Routine

Finally, one idea which focuses less on eyewear and more on yoga itself, is to adjust your practice so that you are doing less moves which require your head to be upside down. This will mean that your glasses are less likely to fall off and disturb you during your relaxing exercise. If you are unsure how you can adjust your movements, then it’s a good idea to speak to your yoga teacher if you attend a regular class or research some new positions online or using a Yoga app. You need to make sure your positions and movements are still safe, but by making some slight adjustments, the stress of wearing glasses during your routine can be significantly reduced.


Which of the above ideas do you think would be most effective in your yoga practice? Do you have any other ideas of how people can adjust their practice to include wearing glasses? Let us know in a comment or on our social media account!

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