‘The Good Place’ Cast: Their Best Eyewear Looks

If you haven’t binge-watched NBC’s brilliant offbeat comedy The Good Place, stop reading, log in to Netflix and prepare to discover your new favourite show.

Focusing on Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman who wakes up in the afterlife, the show follows the antics that ensue when Eleanor realises she was mistakenly sent to ‘The Good Place’, and who must then hide her morally imperfect behaviour and try to become a better, more ethical person and earn her rightful place.

William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto co-star as other residents of ‘The Good Place’, together with D’Arcy Carden as Janet, an artificial being helping the inhabitants, and Ted Danson as the creator of the colourful utopian world.

With plot twists at every turn too, it’s safe to say that we’re on the edge of our seats as Season Three plays out!

Read on for our look at the stylish cast’s best eyewear looks, and how you can get a slice of The Good Place action!

Kristen Bell, aka Eleanor


Kristen leads a brilliant cast, playing deceased saleswoman Eleanor, who seeks redemption in order to better herself and make good her morally ambiguous life.

We adore Kristen’s sunny look in the summery shot above. Wearing a floral top and accessorizing with a straw hat to keep the heat at bay, the actress completes things with her angular cat-eye frames.

Black and gold is always a classic combination, highlighted by the gorgeous #totallook DW022 frames below – the perfect nod to Kristen’s statement shades!

Grab them below and find your own Good Place!

#totallook DW022

Ted Danson, aka Michael


We adore Ten Danson’s character in the show. Playing Michael, Creator of the Good Place neighbourhood that Eleanor and company find themselves in, Danson gives a fantastic performance to help bring the show to life – or should we say, the afterlife!

Wearing his trademark circular frames in the shot above, we love the star’s round retro specs. Grab the Hallmark 6008 for your own slice of the circular glasses trend.

Hallmark 6008

William Jackson Harper, aka Chidi


Moral philosopher (and eternally dilemma-stricken) Chidi is one of our favourite characters from the show. Seemingly stuck between a rock and a hard place for his entire life, Chidi at least has his own sense of style nailed down!

Rocking geek chic to the max, we’re strangely in love with William Jackson Harper’s nerdy sweater vests, and we’re totally digging his bold, thick-rimmed rectangular glasses.

Check out the Infinity 1252 below for the easiest eyewear choice you’ll ever make!

Infinity 1252

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Jameela Jamil, aka Tahani


We adore the completely over-the-top and name-dropper extraordinaire Tahani, played by the wonderful Jameela Jamil.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to talk about her exceptional anecdotes, Tahani suitably has a wardrobe to match her larger-than-life personality and a serious sense of style.

We’re loving Jameela’s gorgeous mint and cream cat-eye shades in the shot above, perfect for an oversized statement frame.

Check out the retro wayfarer ProDesign Denmark 8118 frames below to steal Jameela’s style!

ProDesign Denmark 8118

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D’Arcy Carden, aka Janet


Janet, played by the fantastic D’Arcy Carden, is the cheery personal assistant and source of all information and knowledge for humans within The Good Place.

Neither human nor robot, but rather an anthropomorphized informational delivery vessel (now there’s a tongue-twister!), Janet’s courteous and non-judgemental personality is a source of comedy and warmth that runs throughout the show.

We’re loving the shot above of D’Arcy with her beautiful dog Penny. Wearing a checkered shirt and a beanie, this is off-duty chic done right.

Her rectangular tortoiseshell frames also compliment her face shape perfectly with their simple and elegant design.

Check out the Dior MONTAIGNE37 frames below to steal D’Arcy’s style!


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