Best Music Video Sunglasses 2018!

one kiss music video eyewear

All the senses are captivated when our favourite song starts playing in any place we are!

There is so much power in music, that we are totally obsessed when a new song is rhythmic and becomes in short time a hit.

But there is far more in it than just rhythm, music makes us feel happy and helps us also to feel more united and ready to hit that dance floor all night long. The coolness feeling that is usually associated when the music is likeable and you know how to hit those dances moves, is the best feeling in the world… without a doubt.

We know that music and fashion go hand in hand in the entertainment industry and sometimes the music videos are that match made in heaven: when they know how to combine those two in a very provocative way.

We have found what we feel are the video hits of 2018 to inspire your eyewear fashion choices everyday!


Dua Lipa style is absolutely the most avant-gard of the moment: a combination of ’90 sporty-grunge with a light elegant eighty style for the most sophisticated events.

The music video” One Kiss” is a total throwback in that eighty disco-style: showing off that  elegant violet tailleur and the gold accessories typical of the “bossy” women  of that time.

If you want, in fact to feel more elegant and chic these Vogue VO5211S white cat eye sunglasses, will give you that bossy attitude everyone will be a little envy of.

White cat eye sunglasses

Vogue VO5211S





” I Like it”

The most listened hit of this summer is for sure Cardi B ” I like it” featuring Bad Bunny and Dj. Balvin.

The music video gives us a tropical feeling and a strong desire to book a long holiday to Cuba, and shake that body to the rhythm of RNB music and to the taste of “long island”.

The new entry in this captivating music video is Bad Bunny: a Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton rapper, singer and songwriter, he has gained a big popularity in Sound Cloud.

Discovered by big brand’s name, he is now working with the most known names in the music showbiz. His style is really unique and edgy with a hip-hop swag.

If you want to copy his super cool look try these  #totallook DW047  squared sunglasses, you will be difficult to go unnoticed.

clack squared sunglasses

#totallook DW047



Calvin Klein CK18501S

white oval sunglasses men

Calvin Klein CK18501S





We couldn’t finish this post without giving to “Fefe”, the right recognition in matter of music and style.

While the lyrics are not the most poetic out there, the hip-hop rhythm is absolutely a hit and it will take not much time to be stuck in your head.

Again here the attention is not on Nicky Minaj’s style but on Daniel Hernandez, known professionally as 6ix9ine (pronounced “six nine”) He is known for his unconventional appearance, controversial behavior and brute-force screaming technique in some of his songs.

The bad boy attitude is somehow mitigated by the nerdy-chic glasses, which are really in vogue this year and they will give you that ultra cool touch to your look!



yellow framed sunglasses men trend 2018




#totallook DW061

cat eye glasses men

#totallook DW061



Let us know in the comment section below, which of the 2018 hits you like the most, and which of the “new entries” eyewear style you would like to try!


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