3 Ski Resorts to Visit and the Goggles you NEED!

So with Summer out of the way, it’s now time to look towards Autumn and Winter and all the awesome things that come with this time of year. One challenge if you’re a person who loves physical activities and sports, is what to do in the colder months of the year. Whilst we can still go running, attend the gym, and do indoor sports such as swimming and yoga, outdoor activities can become more limited, and so instead we need to look further afield.

Last winter my husband and I were living on the French/Swiss border which meant that we were living within 5-10 minutes of a number of small local ski resorts. Because of their size, they were quite cheap and so they allowed me to try skiing without paying for an expensive resort holiday. Because I am a plus size lady I was a little concerned that I either wouldn’t like it, or my size would mean that I couldn’t physically do it. Luckily, not only did I find that my size wasn’t an issue at all (apart from needing wide calf ski boots), I discovered that I absolutely love it!

We now live back in the UK and we are both missing the local resorts in France, especially as the weather turns colder and we know that many resorts will be opening soon. So instead we are looking to book a resort holiday instead where we can go for a week and spend that entire time skiing. Tom (the other half) has been boarding since he was a teen and has visited several resorts, but for me it would be a first.

So having done some research into the type of resort I would like to visit, I thought we would take a look at three of what I think are great ski resorts around the world that would make great destinations for ski holidays this season. I have chosen a small resort, a large one, and an unusual one to hopefully show you the different options.

We’ll also look at some goggle options which are available on the Select Specs website – because you need to ensure your eyes are protected at all times whilst skiing.

Small Resort: Courmayeur, Italy

This is probably the number one resort that Tom and I want to visit. We recently drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Italy, and Courmayeur resort is at the foot of Mont Blanc. You can see the town as you emerge from the tunnel, and sometimes can even get a glimpse of a skier returning to the village on the long, winding run from the mountains. Courmayeur is also a great resort if you have people in your party who are new to skiing or who are not that experienced (me!) as there are a number of nursery slopes and easy runs. Although a lovely place, it’s probably a little limited for the more advanced skier, and might be better for a long weekend rather than a full week.


If you’re a beginner and you’re not sure if skiing is going to be for you, then you don’t necessarily need to waste a lot of money getting custom goggles with prescription lenses. These LEADER “Over glasses” Goggles are perfect as they’re designed to fit over your glasses so you can see clearly, whilst still being protected.

LEADER Ski Goggles Slope


Big Resort: Telluride, Colorado

Whilst Courmayeur was a small, European resort, perfect for a weekend mini-break, Telluride is the type of place you could go for a month and not get bored! It has mile upon mile of ski runs, perfect for the expert skier as well as for beginners and families. It was initially a gold mining town and many of the buildings in the historic town still have roots back to that time period. It’s like the wild west covered in snow, and is the perfect place to go for a true American skiing experience. It has been voted the top ski resort in North America by Conde Nast 5 out of the last 6 years according to their Instagram account.

If you’re an advanced skier and you’re looking for a pair of goggles which are more hardy and effective, then these Revo Moog RG7001 goggles might be the ones for you. They’re an expensive pair of goggles at almost £200, but they’re worth it. These goggles are going to keep every spec of snow from your eyes and are designed to stop fogging in the lenses. Just what you need for an intense week of off-piste skiing at Telluride.

Revo Moog RG7001 Goggles


Unusual Resort: Cairngorm Mountain, Scotland

Now before you scoff and say “Scotland!”, there are a number of reasons why a Scottish ski holiday could be perfect for you! Firstly, there are three key resorts in Scotland that are perfect for skiers of all abilities. Secondly, it can be a lot cheaper to go skiing in the UK than it can abroad as you can travel in your own car or by train, and can sometimes borrow ski gear from a friend or family member rather than having to hire it when you get there. I’ve chosen Cairngorm as my preferred resort, not simply because it is the most popular of the three, but also because it has such a great range of green, blue and red runs, making it perfect for a family holiday where there are plenty of runs for children but also for more experienced parents. With a day pass from only £36 per adult and ski hire from around £22 per day, it’s a great way to get the family involved in skiing without paying a fortune.

At Select Specs you will find a number of goggles options for children, all at affordable prices that also offer excellent safety standards. I particularly like these Bolle Kids AMP 3-8years goggles because they’re made by a very reputable company so you know you’re little one’s eyes are safe, but they’re also very cute and come in a range of colours for children to choose from.

Bolle Kids AMP 3-8years Goggles


Have you visited any of the ski resorts listed above? If so, what did you think of them? Which is your favourite ski resort in the world? Let us know in a comment or on our social media. Got time to read another great Select Specs article? Find out about Bolle’s “Shifter” glasses which were launched for this years Tour de France.

Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures of you wearing your new specs on social media using the hashtag #SelectSpecsSelfie for a chance to be featured!

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