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Focus on: Bolle Ski Goggles

It’s the last of the ski season at the moment and whether you are new to the slopes as a beginner or a seasoned sportsperson, one thing that is essential to your kit is a good set of ski goggles.

Today I thought we’d take a closer look at the Bolle company and why their goggles are amongst the most sought after for skiers around the world.

The Bolle company first originated in 1888 in the small village of Oyonnax in France where a local businessman sold combs and hair ornaments to local people. The Second World War saw the company move towards the large-scale manufacturing of Nylon and from there on to safety goggles and spectacles.

Since 1950 the company has moved on to eyewear for sports such as cycling and skiing, and today their ski goggles are considered amongst the best in the field for performance and craftsmanship.

Their website markets a number of specific technologies that the goggles feature.

These include; their custom equalizer vents which help to stop lenses from fogging up; their patented Modulator technology which allows the lenses on their goggles to change and adapt to differing weather conditions such as sunshine or snow; and the sport optical system which allows prescription adapters to snap into place for clear vision on the slopes.

It is this optical system which is one of the reasons why Bolle goggles are listed on the SelectSpecs website because we believe that no matter the level of your prescription, you should not be restricted from taking part in the sport you love.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Bolle goggles currently available:

Bolle y6 OTG

bolle ski goggles in pink and white
Bolle Y6 OTG Goggles


The Bolle Y6 OTG goggles are perfect if you’re on a budget for your ski wear but you still want a quality product.

They have the vent system in the top of the lenses and the custom Bolle lens technology will help to prevent fogging or condensation on the inside. The goggles feature the iconic Bolle logo on the head strap and come in a range of colours so you can match them to your other ski gear.


Bolle Duchess

bolle duchess ski goggles in white grey and blue
Bolle Duchess Ski Goggles

The Bolle Duchess goggles are the perfect goggles for ladies who want a reliable product that is specifically designed for the utmost comfort as well as performance.

These goggles have a cacophony of technology in their design such as equalizer vents, double lenses and a P80+ anti-fog layering all of which will help keep your eyes on the slopes and prevent fogging or condensation.

The goggles also have a number of features which will help with the fit and comfort such as triple density foam, a siliconised strap and goggle helmet integration which will help keep your attention on the enjoyment of the sport.


Bolle Virtuose

bolle virtuose ski goggles in blue
Bolle Virtuose Ski Goggles

The Bolle Virtuose goggles are the perfect choice if you are looking for the ultimate goggles for precision and usability.

They feature all of the usual Bolle technology such as equalizer vents, triple density foam, siliconized straps, UV protection and a wide field of view. They are also specifically designed with interchangeable lenses so that you can use them in bright sunshine as well as snowy conditions. The easy to use 1-click changeable lenses are designed to be able to protect you in both conditions with speedy changes so that you can focus on skiing.

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