Best Ski & Snow Goggles for Kids

“You will also need ski goggles or sunglasses,” I said. And you should have seen the delight on my four-year-old daughter’s face.
Everyone’s eyes are caught by the glistening sunglasses in the bazaars, especially children. They are worse than any candy or chocolate – positioned right at the eye level of a toddler and singing like sirens, only audible for kids under 5, “take me, try me, drop me, scream for me.”

Parents should have eyes of a hawk to be able to avoid these moments in time. So, I made a simple and easily understandable rule for our family before any tantrum could start: no sunglasses for kids under 5. Why? Because I felt that hats, caps and visors were much more trustable than some unknown plastic glasses, whose lenses got scratchy in 5 short minutes.

It was the first time we accompanied our friends’ skiing adventures together with the kids. The tour took 4 short days – and I was preparing for 3 long weeks. Not for me, you know, but the kids: it was the four-year-old emperor with a strong voice who did her very best to make me lose my mind. Boots, overalls, hats, scarves and gloves with princesses, snow angles, and winter fairies were in an un-shameful quantity everywhere. And that was okay for clothes.

But once goggles-buying time arrived I decided to avoid every place where unreliable products were tempting young hearts, and only show her products that matched my expectations.

First I thought that sunglasses would do, as in 4 months time summer is here, so why should we spend money on ski goggles that would be used for just a couple of days? But then I saw my girl jumping up and down on the sofa and immediately decided on goggles. Those cannot fall so quickly, and they not only protect her eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays, but the misbehaving snowballs, too.

My daughter’s most crucial expectation concerning her goggles was to be girlish enough, so I showed her this Bolle Kids Explorer goggles with shiny white stripes.

It is ergonomically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and has all the additional covers including anti-fog coating. It also has thermal double lens and flow-tech venting.

However, Bolle Volt is designed for children 6 years and up, and anyone with voluptuous hair can still use it as well. And who could resist its pink butterfly design?

These goggles have the same features and technology as adult ski goggles. They also come with thermal double lens, and ensure clarity of vision and contrast while playing wildly in the snow.

But finally, she chose the Orange Monster of Bolle AMP.

Carrot cupcake with strawberry icing – it’s orange frame with the pink lens was a total hit for my kid. These goggles know everything like their big brothers to eliminate fogging and resist scratching.

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