Cycling: On The Right Track With Supportive Glasses

Mountain biking

Cycling is a sport that involves a lot of manoeuvring whether as a beginner or as a professional cyclist. Supportive cycling glasses are what you need together with various adjustments that will be required in order for you to enjoy your ride. This might be for travelling up and down (bouncing out of your saddle) a hill, adjusting the saddle, making an emergency brake or even adjusting the gear. It’s not surprising that the emphasis is on choosing the correct frame and lenses.

To enable you to cycle on the right track with supportive glasses, carefully choose a fitted frame, like Oakley OO9263 TURBINE POLARIZED for clear visibility but with the help of our opticians.

How to choose your cycling specs



Although Varifocals, reactor and tinted lenses are useful in all sorts of glasses, they are also ideal for cycling in all types of weather. Cycling glasses with UV protection will protect the eyes in the winter sun as well as the in the summer. On the other hand, make sure the lenses are not too dark as this can be a hazard when focusing on the road or rough terrain.

Unlike driving a car with floodlights on in the dark, bikes are different in that you will need to use your bike lights for safety. Lenses need to have a yellow tinge which will help brighten up road surfaces in poor weather conditions and prevent distractions.

Why cycling glasses are better

Cyclists on tour

Unlike normal/classic glasses with reactor lenses, cycling glasses are equipped with photochromatic lenses. These lenses work very well in poor weather conditions. They can be swiftly transformed at a fast pace, from travelling from a shady area to brighter place.

Riding a bike leaves a cyclist exposed without any shelter around the bike. This means they are likely to get swamped with insects, snow, rainwater and hailstones. Glasses are usually equipped with adequate coverage around the sides of your glasses to prevent any interference.

What makes cycling glasses different to traditional specs?

There is nothing worse than cycling in the rain with raindrops splashing on your lenses as you ride along the road or up a steep hill. Some cycling glasses are waterproof specs manufactured with a hydrophobic coating which stops any residue water sitting on the lenses, but this is not the case with everyday specs. These lenses will prevent obstacles getting in the way of the keen cyclist.

Cycling All The Way

Cycling glasses must be comfortable, safe and secure to stop them swinging from side to side or up and down, obscuring your vision. They are better than conventional ones knowing that there is not a need for tight arms, which could cause discomfort around the ears. Instead, they are known for having little rubber grippers to grip each side of your head, enabling a good fit. Some also have adjustable arms in place.

The beauty of cycling glasses is that they are made with nosepieces that are adjustable. But be warned, this depends on the measurement of your nose.

Additionally, it is not unusual to order a pair of prescription cycling glasses just like normal specs. Oakley is well known for providing prescription cycling glasses so why not invest in a pair of our Oakley OO9208 RADAR EV PATH (Photochromic) specs to get you cycling on the right track.

Oakley OO9208 RADAR EV PATH (Photochromic)


Although if you are a contact lenses wearer, all is not lost, simply wear them underneath a pair of non-prescription cycling glasses to bring your costs down. Feeling inspired?

Get more inspiration here to get you on the move.

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