Top Cycling Sunglasses: The Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain kicks off on the 3rd of September 2017 and runs for a week, traveling the length and breadth of the country.

Britain’s answer to the Tour de France, the cycling race kicks off in Edinburgh for the first of eight stages, before traveling down the country and concluding in Cardiff.

To see more information on the different stages, take a look here.

Whether you are going to join the thousands of spectators to watch the race, or whether you are inspired to get on a bike yourself, we have pulled together some of our favourite sports glasses in honour of this exciting event!

Keep reading to find out more.


Cebe Cinetik

Cebe Cinetik

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The Cebe Cinetik are your go-to pair of sunglasses for cycling, featuring a design which is created especially for this purpose.

They feature a wraparound design which gives you a fantastic field of vision, and a soft grip material which prevents them from sliding off your face.

And with photochromic options available you can be sure that the lenses will change from dark to clear as you move from bright sunlight to cloudy conditions or into the forest.

Take a look at Alice Hector wearing a very similar pair of sunglasses!

Carrera CARRERA 4008/S

Carrera CARRERA 4008/S

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We love the style of the Carrera CARRERA 4008/S with its mirrored lenses which reduce glare – great for rides in the rain or in snowy conditions.

They also have an anti-slip nose piece and temples, perfect for difficult rides in the heat!

They are made from polycarbonate which makes them incredibly durable whilst also being very light.

This pair is also available in four other colour ways, so be sure to take a look at them all!

Kalan below is wearing a very similar pair as featured above.

Bolle Vortex

Bolle Vortex

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The Bolle Vortex cycling glasses are shaped to provide optimum field of vision, as well as preventing air from entering your eyes when travelling at high speeds.

The mirrored lenses once again help reduce glare whilst the polycarbonate frame gives a ‘barely there’ feel.

They also provide 100% protection against UV rays to make sure your vision is perfect at all times.

Take a look at Greg Henderson below wearing a similar pair during the Tour of Britain in 2010.




Make a statement on the road with these amazing brightly coloured Oakley sunglasses.

These sunnies are designed to especially optimise your upper field of vision, hence the continuous frame over the nose.

The lenses and frames are designed to allow great airflow, helping the skin around your eyes to keep dry.

They also have interchangeable lenses, meaning you can make them suitable for any time of the day or weather type!

These sunglasses come in an impressive variety of colours, so there is something to suit everyone.

Tommy below wears a similar Oakley pair in Campigli World Championships.

If you love cycling, take a look at the top eyewear picks from the Tour de France!

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