Top Specs For Read A Book Day

September 6th is National Read a Book Day. This is a day dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to put down the tablet, turn off the TV and pick up a good, old-fashioned book.

It isn’t just about reminding people of how rewarding and fun reading a book can be.

It’s also about spreading the message that reading improves your concentration, your memory, and mentally stimulates your brain.

For many people, reading a book requires the use of some glasses to prevent headaches, eye strain, and to make the text clearer.

We have put together some of our favourite specs for this exact purpose – keep reading to find out what they are!

Ray-Ban RX6489

Ray-Ban RX6489

Ray-Ban RX6489

You’ve heard about aviator sunglasses, but what about aviator glasses?

This style of specs are all the rage at the moment and a favourite with many celebrities.

We love the style of this Ray-Ban pair, with the thin silver frame and double bridge detailing lending them a retro vibe.

Due to the slim frame, these glasses are quite understated, whilst still being super trendy.

The model below looks gorgeous in the same pair of silver aviator specs.

feeling a little blue @jalyssamonet Search: Aviator Spec Glasses  #vibewithgoldsoul 💙💙

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Infinity M8201

 Infinity M8201

Infinity M8201

Round glasses are another key trend which will ensure you look super on cool on Read a Book Day!

This style would look really gorgeous on those with angular facial features, such as a square jaw or forehead.

We love the thin understated metal frame on this Infinity pair, which is also available in a chic black shade.

Take a look at the Instagrammer below looking incredible in a similar pair.

Einar i2i KIDS J 6000

Einar i2i KIDS J 6000

Einar i2i KIDS J 6000

Don’t leave the kids out!

Make sure you get them a stylish pair of glasses to encourage them to pick up a book too.

We love the bright blue colour of these Einar specs and the stylish wayfarer style.

They also come in a bright red colour if you kid would prefer.

SelectSpecs have a great range of kid’s glasses available.

New vision 👀 New look 🤓#glasses #kidswear #kidsglasses #Tj #rotaruana

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Savannah 2444 – Black

Savannah 2444 - Black

Savannah 2444 – Black

Square shaped specs are a big trend for men this season, and we love the thick black frame on the Savannah 2444.

Opt for this style if you have a circular, heart or oval face shape.

Not sure which face shape you are?

Take a look at the face shape guide here.

These specs look very professional and smart; perfect for a formal office environment.

Jay Soni looks great below in a similar square pair of specs, teaming them with a smart shirt and jumper combo.

Hallmark SD2114

Hallmark SD2114

Hallmark SD2114

Opt for this round retro style of glasses for a look which is right on trend for this year.

We like the tortoiseshell design of this Hallmark pair, which gives a much softer look than the black pairs – great if you are fair skinned where black might look too harsh against your skin.

This style also comes in three other colour ways too, so make sure you take a look.

Marko below looks great in a similar style of specs.

#mensaccessories#menshairs #mensglasses

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