How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Cycling


The Giro d’Italia marks the beginning of the big European cycling season and it is also the time when a lot of amateurs and enthusiastic cyclists take on the secondary roads throughout the country to the despair of drivers to mimic their heroes and pedal endlessly.

However, before jumping on the saddle it is important to make sure that we are wearing the right equipment, and that also includes selecting the right glasses for our cycling summer adventure. Regardless of whether the wearer is an amateur, leisure or professional cyclist, cycling glasses are paramount to security and comfort when on the bike. They protect our eyes from factors causing soreness such as insects, dust, grit sun and wind which are not only bothersome but can also be the cause of an accident.

When it comes to sunglasses for cycling, we will need to partly (just partly) sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of security and comfort so, once we know which frame fits us best, we need to focus on which lenses are more suitable for us. Cycling sunglasses are usually made of highly resistant material for impact protection such as polycarbonate or Plutonite (an Oakley patented material). Either of them will prevent lenses from shattering in the incident of a piece of grit or a limb hitting the lens.

Another aspect to bear in mind regarding cycling glasses is the lens colour. Select a colour that you like but one that is also practical for your riding style and needs. The colour will need to be decided as per the time of the day when you are more likely to ride. If you cycle at varied times, it is best to go for photochromic lenses as they are adaptable to almost any brightness.

As a general rule, grey is a good versatile colour allowing natural colour perception. Amber lenses reduce glare, improve detail in low light and prevent eye fatigue, hence, they are one of the most popular amongst cyclists. Pink or rose-coloured lenses are designed to improve visual acuity and increase contrast in low-light times. Lastly, green lenses help reduce eyestrain while allowing for less neutral-colour perception. A good option is to go for a pair of cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses to allow you to tailor your eye protection to your activity, time of the day and conditions.
Lastly, some tips when looking for your perfect pair of cycling sunglasses:

* Your eyelashes should not be in contact with the frame.

* They should fit comfortably on your nose and ears without rubbing them.

* Frames should be light enough to avoid friction on your nose and ears.

* Nose pieces should be adjustable by pinching them closer together or further apart.


Here is my pick of some of the more versatile and comfortable sunglasses for cycling without forgetting the looks. After all, we all like to look good in any occasion… even on the saddle!

Adidas 267 Evil Eye

Adidas Evil Eye
You get a lot for your money with these polarized Adidas sunglasses for cycling. They are not just fabulous but they also give a wide field of vision as well as excellent protection for your precious eyes. They are light and soft where they need to be and now reduced in price meaning you can get them for just £133.92!

Bollé Swift

Bolle Swift
Another great brand for cycling sunglasses. Do you remember what we said about the lens colour? Well, you can choose between four different colours (one of them polarised) which combine perfectly with the colour of the flexi-comfy arms. Who said you couldn’t look gorgeous when riding? It is an excellent choice for amateur cyclists at only £65.71.

Oakley Fast Jacket

Oakley Fast jacket
One cannot talk about cycling sunglasses without thinking about Oakley. This wonderful pair of cycling sunglasses comes with interchangeable lenses and three astonishing frame colours which make it really difficult to choose only one of them. They are £139.08, tick all the boxes and are worth every penny!

There are hundreds of splendid models available! Remember to filter out your results by frame size to easily find your perfect fit when browsing our vast selection of cycling sunglasses.

What are you waiting for? You just need to choose your perfect cycling sunglasses, get your gear out of the wardrobe, fit in your helmet and you are ready to jump on your bike!

I would love to see how you enjoy your particular Giro d’Italia! Send us your pictures or tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram.

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