Gucci Eyewear: New Arrivals


Gucci is a renowned Italian brand that lists a lot of admirers in the world of the rich and famous since the early ‘60s; Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Peter Sellers, Samuel Beckett and Grace Kelly is just some of them.

The situation has barely changed these days, and we can still see a lot of fashion bloggers, fashion editors, actors, actresses and other celebs wearing different Gucci styles, because there is a perfect pair of Gucci’s for every season and occasion!

Gucci remains one of the most important fashion dictators precisely due to its timeless design, undisputed quality and unparalleled authenticity, and this is something that they are staying loyal to this summer too.

One of the most famous Hollywood actresses of the Mexican origin, Salma Hayek was spotted arriving at Gucci’s fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015. She decided to show up with a pair of oversized Gucci’s and a blue beret, creating an interesting fashion mix that breathed out the Italian style with a dash of Parisian chic.

Similar to the new in Gucci GG 3740/S, the frame is on trend with it’s round/circular shape with creamy white detailing on the arms.


Danielle Robins decided to wear a grey and orange cape, brown tweed jacket, white trousers, classic black shoes, and retro brown Gucci sunglasses during London Fashion Week.

Although we can’t get a close inspection of the sunglasses, the Gucci GG 1090/S pictured below have a similar design, accompanied with the unmistakable G upon the arms.


Sophie (below) opted for an animal print shirt, cool jacket, creamy white Gucci Sunglasses, military-print shoes and black handbag during the 63rd Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell – proof Gucci is getting along well with street styles too!

Her pair could be an old model, but there’s a similar frame and a bit more colour from our newest arrivals in the form of Gucci GG4271/S (pictured below) available in five other colours.


Sunglasses are like shoes; you can’t just own one pair, but owning just one pair of Gucci’s will significantly improve your spring and summer outfits. Protect your eyes from the sun in a stylish way and start seeing your world from a new perspective – the world will notice that you look awesome, too!

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