Freelancer Fashion: What To Wear

Navigating the world of the freelancer can be tricky. While the perks often outweigh the drawbacks, infinite flexibility (and limitless cups of tea!) can mean a lack of structure to both your workday and your wardrobe.

The world is your oyster (and the beach can be your office!), but that freedom can throw up style confusion.  Although some freelancers love being able to work at home in PJs and wrapped in a duvet, others see getting dressed as if they were actually going into the office as essential to a productive day. 

With all this in mind, we’ve come up with some top fashion tips for a day in the life of the freelancer (with some essential eyewear thrown in for good measure!).

First Meetings For a Contract Role

We all know it’s important to make a good impression, so for your first meeting, remember you’re there because you are needed for a very specific project and a limited amount of time. 

You want to be remembered, so consider how to inject more personality into your style. How about some statement trousers? Polished nails, a silky blouse and blazer will also pair well. Pretty yet professional looking dresses are also a fab choice.

For the guys, a statement shirt makes just as much of an impact. If you’re not one for busy printed shirts, consider throwing a muted blazer on top to calm down the print, while still retaining your style edge!

Style either look with these sunnies for a pared-down vibe:

Porsche Design P8478

Skype Meetings

Looking like a math tutor over here 😂

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If Skype meetings are a regular fixture of your day, you’ll probably associate them with awkward delays and not knowing quite where to look. You certainly won’t want to be wearing your pjs either! 

A great tip is to make sure that the background behind you isn’t too distracting. You don’t want to blend in either, so wear a top in a block colour if the wall is cream or a crisp white shirt/blouse for a coloured wall. 

Pop your laptop on a couple of books for a more flattering angle and be sure to look directly into the webcam. Choose a pair of bold glasses to give the person at the other end something to focus on.

We recommend these fab Ray-Bans:

Ray-Ban RX5184 – New Wayfarer

Okay, so a day at the office may not mean a trip to the seaside for all freelancers, but ‘beach office’ days have to be done every so often!

Swapping the same four walls of your regular working space for open air and beautiful views are definitely one of the most appealing aspects of freelance life, so you should consider your wardrobe appropriately.

A cool white linen shirt or linen shirt-dress makes a great base for the perfect working holiday outfit in case an impromptu Skype meeting is called – no one needs to see the cocktail in your hand!

Team with a pair of classic Ray-Ban shades for the ultimate beach office look:

Ray-Ban RB3025 – Aviator

Staring at screens all day? Find out how to protect your eyes with our top tips

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