Eyewear Maintenance 101

If you’ve ever had blurry vision while wearing your glasses, even with a new prescription, then you may not be aware of the steps needed to prevent scratches and dust particles forming on your lenses: one of the biggest causes of hazy vision.

Avoid careless maintenance by treating your glasses in a way that do not impair your clarity of sight when reading, viewing screens or walking.  Here are our top tips on keeping your glasses lookin’ fresh.

1. The Right Way To Wear Glasses

So what is the correct usage when wearing or removing a frame from our face? With more and more people wearing glasses, it’s better to adopt the right habits to ensure our glasses can last as long as possible to reduce unnecessary costs.

The recommended procedure for both the placement and removal of the frame is to grasp the lenses with your thumb placed at the bottom and forefinger on top to gently slide off your face.

The best place to put your glasses when you are not wearing them is in a case to prevent them from being scratched or crushed. It is also recommended that you avoid adjusting your glasses from the nose bridge as this can increase damage, especially if the frames are wired.

Wearing your glasses over your head may be a convenient place for you to place them, perhaps if you no longer feel like wearing them for reading. However, bear in mind that this can also distort the shape of your frames.

2. Use Both Hands To Remove Glasses

Frames should be removed with two hands instead of one, to prevent glasses from being stretched and losing their shape.

The best way of preventing scratching your lenses is to abstain from wiping your them using your clothes. Dirt from the fibres of clothing will scratch the lenses. Likewise, paper towels and tissues also have the same detrimental effect.

3. Cleaning

The best way to clean lenses is with a special cleansing spray. Once the spray is applied use a clean cloth (possibly an optical Microfibre cleaning cloth) to gently rub both sides of the lenses until the smudges disappear.

You can also try gently breathing on to the lenses to check for any spots you may have missed out in the initial stage of cleaning off any smudges. It is more effective to quickly remove these spots before the steam evaporates.

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4. Repair

Lastly, it is worth purchasing a repair kit for glasses.

It is inevitable that the screws, which hold the arms together, can come loose so that the arms no longer grip the sides of your head as well. This can be resolved by using a small screwdriver to tighten the arms or through a visit back to your optician to have this done.

It is good to have your glasses adjusted once or twice a year. There is nothing better than keeping your pair of glasses in good shape than going back and forth to the opticians to have them adjusted. With all these measures taken into consideration, you should find your glasses are kept in good condition for however long you wish for them to last.

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  • Phoenicia says:

    I am not required to wear glasses but my husband does. On occasion he wears contact lenses and I observe the routine he goes through day and night. In my head it is just another task to complete but to him it is part of his life. I will be sure to forward him this article.

  • Emily says:

    I used to wear glasses but got laser eye surgery last April. But I, admittedly, never really took great care of my glasses so I would go through many pairs and got a different style each time!

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com

  • Great tips on eyeglass care and maintenance. It is amazing how disjointed our glasses can get when we don’t remove them properly. I always used to use one hand (and still do mostly out of habit.) But my optometrist corrected me, saying how easily the lightweight glasses can be bent or put out of shape through improper handling and that we should always use two hands to remove them.

  • Kristina Rylova says:

    good tips! I am not wearing glasses but i believe those who do would find it very useful

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