Top 5 Ways to Protect Eyes From Computer Screens

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In today’s working world it is rare that a job does not involve the use of a computer or mobile device. And I’m not just talking about desk jobs.

Jobs that involve working at a till or in manufacturing now include regular display screen work, so it’s not surprising that many people are suffering from damaged eyesight.

It is important that you take care of your eyes when spending lots of time in front of a display screen or computer. Here are five ways you can look after your eyes at work:

Take Regular Breaks

This tip is not only important for your eyes but for your physical health as well.

Sitting in one attitude for too long can cause back, hip and joint issues. Staring at a screen for too long also means your eyes can get tired, and dry. The strain can then cause headaches and sickness.

Take a five to ten minute break every one to two hours to rest your eyes. Make yourself a drink, take a quick walk outside or simply chat with a colleague.

Look at Something Far Away

If you know you have a busy morning or afternoon and the likelihood of being able to physically leave your desk is limited, ensure that instead you take a break from your screen every thirty minutes. And instead, look at something that is far away.

It may be a colleague across the room (just don’t stare – that’s a bit creepy!), or you could look out of the window at something in the distance.

Looking at a screen for too long means your focus gets ‘stuck’ and can be a major cause of headaches and ‘tired eyes’.

By moving your gaze further away from your computer, you are forcing the muscles in your eye to move, muscles which have stayed fixed for an amount of time. Moving your gaze far away from your computer helps the muscles to relax and reduce eye strain.

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Adjust your Screen Brightness Regularly

You may be thinking ‘but I work in a lit office, why do I need to do this?’

The reality is that in most offices there is natural light from windows and this means that the light levels within your office will change according to the weather. If you are struggling with the brightness of your screen, try this test to see if it needs adjusting:

Hold a piece of paper up next to your screen, is the paper or screen brighter? You want them to be the same brightness, so adjust your screen as required.

All computers allow for you to adjust your screen brightness, and some even have the ability to adjust the brightness automatically.

Purchase the Correct Eyewear

This may seem obvious but there are many people who work in a job which requires most of their time to be spent in front of a screen who do not own the correct eyewear.

This may be that the prescription is not right for them, or they do not fit correctly. In those circumstances the person feels uncomfortable and may even take their glasses off. The eyes will then have to work twice as hard to focus on the screen, leading to more eye strain and subsequent headaches and sickness.

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Regular Eye Check-ups

This one really is the most important for anyone, but even more so if you work in front of a screen or with a computer.

Whilst an eye test will allow you to determine if you need glasses or if your prescription is correct, an eye check-up will identify if your general eye health is good and if not, what actions can be taken to repair damage.

Eye check-ups can be done at the same time as an eye test and should be done every six to twelve months depending on your previous eye health.

I hope this has been helpful in giving you guidance on how to protect your eyesight whilst at work.

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